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Recent content by HeavenShallBurn

  1. HeavenShallBurn

    Eberron Question: Droaam Mercenaries

    I'm certain I remember Droaam mercenaries being hired in units with a minimum number of troops but I can't find it in any of the books now. Does anyone else remember where to find that? Barring an answer I'll probably have them hired as platoon-sized units as a minimum. I was going to set up...
  2. HeavenShallBurn

    Advice on Wal-Mart online printing services

    Some of my older large-scale campaign setting poster maps are getting rather old and faded. I've been considering using the Wal-Mart Online site to get them reprinted from hi-resolution full-size scans. Before I venture to spend the money has anyone here used their services for large-image...
  3. HeavenShallBurn

    Thoughts on Harry Potter d20

    After one of my cousin's children wanted a "campaign" in the HP setting I've been thinking about ways to try to fit that setting into d20 with minimum necessary modifications to fit the feel. It seems workable but I'd like some input on ideas. 1) Because of the shift in media from book to...
  4. HeavenShallBurn

    Running D&D in a boardgame style

    That's actually how I have run two short Battletech Campaigns. Worked beautifully, use the CBT or Aerotech rules for combat on the mech scale. Interaction was kept pretty freeform and personnel scale combat was using Exalted 2e Heroic Mortals rules with some new equipment.
  5. HeavenShallBurn

    D&D 3E/3.5 Spells (3.5) that prevent resurrection?

    Also Thinaun is a material that traps the soul of the last creature killed with the weapon as well. And there's at least one in BoVD that actually consumes souls and requires a divine intervention to return them to life. Now let's see how long it takes to dig that one out.
  6. HeavenShallBurn

    Looking for a Movie Title

    After checking out Primeval I got a hankering for other such. Time travel related fare. And I'm remembering a movie from a couple years ago that involves traveling back in time to hunt dinosaurs. Where somebody steps off the path and does something that alters the timeline in the future...
  7. HeavenShallBurn

    Lack of Aquatic Creatures

    After checking through the MM I'm seeing a marked lack of aquatic creatures. There's a few, but less than a half dozen if you don't count the dragons. And they aren't very aquatic as written anyway. On top of that there don't seem to be any rules for underwater terrain or combat or even just...
  8. HeavenShallBurn

    Conversions Forum needs a split?

    This isn't a complaint or a request so much as a question. Now that the forums have been re-organized to put things into the proper general/3e/4e baskets does the Creature Conversion Forum need a split too? So that conversions into 4e can be associated with the 4e part of the site and 3e...
  9. HeavenShallBurn

    Music for Evil Cult Summons

    I've used some measure of low background music during sessions for about a year and a half or so now. But today was the first time I've used it more selectively. This is the mid-level campaign, the first time I intended to throw a demon more powerful than planar cannonfodder like lemures...
  10. HeavenShallBurn

    D&D 4E Notes from the 4E Corebooks: Alignment, Monsters, Artifacts and More

    QFT I don't remember seeing any 2e art re-used in the 3e core books. I might be wrong as I didn't see every single piece of 2e artwork, but what was in there didn't look like the 2e material I'd seen, even the base style was a change.
  11. HeavenShallBurn

    D&D 3E/3.5 How has the 4e announcement helped your 3.5 stash?

    I've picked up considerable amounts of stuff at a discount since the announcement. I've focused on 3rd party materials that will probably become rare in the near future before the price spikes.
  12. HeavenShallBurn

    Book Nirvana

    No I won't tell you where it is. Unless you ask really nicely maybe, and even then it's a toss-up. Because if too many people start frequenting the place it could lose what makes it so great. And I found it by accident looking for a place to eat that wasn't a fast-food joint. I'd thought the...
  13. HeavenShallBurn

    D&D 4E Piracy and 4e

    Good to know, I'd thought I heard earlier they were being printed in China like many other companies seem to be doing. Regardless of my opinions on the new edition I have to say I appreciate having them printed in the US despite the higher costs. Also read through the supposed 4e PHB scan and...
  14. HeavenShallBurn

    D&D 4E Piracy and 4e

    Precisely take a look at the net, you can find pretty much anything if you look and business hasn't crashed to a screeching halt. You mean like the vast majority of the history of the human species up to the last century or so? Ah yes and the inevitable insults and accusations arrive. First the...
  15. HeavenShallBurn

    D&D 4E Piracy and 4e

    I'm hitting some issues with the basic logic used here. Even assuming that it does not require the "loss" or property this still says the property must be "taken." But what was taken? they still possess it, what you possess is not what they possessed it's a duplicate of their property. How...