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  1. Hex_Toliver

    D&D 5E Fey Prom

    Fey Prom Hey people, I’m currently working on a short game ( probably 3 sessions or so) to run themed around the fey realm, specifically an event called the fey prom. I’m designing this to be a fun and campy game, that’s a little twisted as the fey tend to be. This event is for newly formed...
  2. Hex_Toliver

    Online Looking for a player for a 5e game on Tuesdays 4pm PDT

    Hi people, here possible looking for another player for my home brew 5e game on Tuesdays at 4pm PDT. My last player didn't really work out so i'm gonna post again. It's a Roll20 game (voice only) that we play for usually 3-4 hours. I'd say it's generally a mix of rp and combat and exploration...
  3. Hex_Toliver

    D&D General A city of artist

    Hi everyone. I’m looking for ideas and inspiration for a city my players will be hanging around for awhile. The context of the city is that it’s built in a forest, an over abundance of resources, and little danger to the city. The city itself is built and ruled by philosophers and artist...
  4. Hex_Toliver

    D&D 5E Need ideas for my setting/ story

    Thank you! I think as a DM I really like making up fun stylized settings that stray away from tolkein-esque settings. Nothing wrong with those settings, I just like to make things a little more fantastical, and then adapt the material given to me from 5e and see where I land. That is one detail...
  5. Hex_Toliver

    D&D 5E Need ideas for my setting/ story

    That would be such a cool start! Unfortunately we are 6 sessions in, and how they have gotten down, and were assigned to go here was much more of their own volition as agents of the human, dwarven, elven nations. I will say though, they are at this dwarven/ gnomish city, which is super steam...
  6. Hex_Toliver

    D&D 5E Need ideas for my setting/ story

    I'm thinking it was drained from something (still haven't settled on what), probably like 2000 years ago or so. I think there definitely were civilizations there, not only using this ocean but living in this ocean. Yes! In fact I have planned one of the cities, Shipyard, to be a city millions...
  7. Hex_Toliver

    D&D 5E Need ideas for my setting/ story

    Hi everyone, I’ve recently got back into dming 5e and I’m having a blast. One of the players is a friend of mine and the others are randos I met through discord, but I must say, I feel extremely lucky as they are engaged, thoughtful, and like to role play. I sort of had a vague idea for this...
  8. Hex_Toliver

    D&D 5E Need help with good antagonist for evil campaign

    First off thank you everyone who replied, first time on this forum and I appreciate it. Great source to draw from, love that series, and Leto is someone with the vibes i'm going for. I haven't thought of this sort of role but it makes perfect sense for another antagonist, I think i'm going to...
  9. Hex_Toliver

    D&D 5E Need help with good antagonist for evil campaign

    I'll just jump right in. I'm DMing a 5e game right now that i'm calling Evil Queens. The game is in a setting of my own design, a continent known as Greater Vauxri, sometimes known as the snake weed nations. Greater Vauxri is a land that is in constant turmoil; multiple nefarious factions fight...