Online Looking for a player for a 5e game on Tuesdays 4pm PDT


Hi people, here possible looking for another player for my home brew 5e game on Tuesdays at 4pm PDT. My last player didn't really work out so i'm gonna post again. It's a Roll20 game (voice only) that we play for usually 3-4 hours.

I'd say it's generally a mix of rp and combat and exploration, leaning more to rp. The game takes place in a drained ocean, that is now a canyon and valley plagued with problems from natural disaster and primordial forces, yet the heroes are here from up above to reestablish trade with the strange people that dwell down there. It's a decently goofy game, but with also serious moments, I'd say the setting is rather fantastical and as a dm i'm not super concerned about realism.

Looking for a person that enjoys rp and actively roleplays ( remember though to let other people speak :3) and willing to engage with the world and story. Currently we have a dwarf wizard, human fighter, half elf bard/cleric, and warforgerd barbarian. The group ( and myself) are mostly all apart of the lgbtq community, so respect is a must. Thanks for reading

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