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Recent content by Jacob Lewis

  1. Jacob Lewis

    Why Doesn't Star Wars Hold More Mind Share in the RPG Market?

    I can't speak for anyone else, but for me... well, I am all in again. 5e just could not hold my interest anymore. Also got a little personal project to get all the material collected in one note for easier access. This could take a while, but its gonna be awesome! This is the way. (For me.)
  2. Jacob Lewis

    Where Do You Go Online to Waste Time about Gaming?

    I have been hanging out in a couple discord channels while I work on setting up one for myself. I have met some good people, got into a few weekly games, and have been able to just talk with other people. It's been a treat, and a tremendous help getting away from the negativity of toxic boards...
  3. Jacob Lewis

    General Being A Better DM

    The Role of the Game Master The Game Master (GM) is a player who takes on many of the responsibilities and burdens to create a fun and memorable experience for others. As both collaborator and competitor, the GM often walks a fine line to create a fun and memorable experience for everyone. Its...
  4. Jacob Lewis

    5E Mythic Tiamat

    Only thing missing is an epic piece for the (virtual) tabletop.
  5. Jacob Lewis

    Making Tokens for VTT

    Looking for an updated portrait of Tiamat, went with something a little more nostalgic instead.
  6. Jacob Lewis

    Worlds of Design: Always Tell Me the Odds

    Yeah, that's my actual ship... er, vehicle!
  7. Jacob Lewis

    5E Is the new setting Icewind Dale?

    Icewind Dale would be great IF they based it more on the original PC games. Khuldahar? I'm in! Dragon's Eye? Hells yes! Vale of Lost Souls? Take my money already! Give me some of that FR dullness, please!
  8. Jacob Lewis

    5E Tired of doing WotC's job

    @dnd4vr I get where you're coming from because this is exactly how I felt about 5e when it came out. I had been used to having full stats provided for every encounter, and now I can only get a bolded word telling me to look it up. The options for characters are very simple and narrow. The...
  9. Jacob Lewis

    5E Would you buy a Dark Sun setting book for 5e?

    Dark Sun is a lot like Star Wars to me: sometimes the ideas are better than the actual results. I love what the settings and stories imply. But I have been disappointed at times when it comes to the products that are attempting to present those ideas. I feel like Dark Sun would not be a very...
  10. Jacob Lewis

    5E Has anyone made feats into tiers?

    I'd rather reinvent or revisit feats to make them closer to what they used to be in previous editions, but within the parameters and design goals of this one. Or just ignore them altogether. 5e plays perfectly without them.
  11. Jacob Lewis

    5E I want all the D&D ... what will it cost?

    I recommend learn how to make virtual tokens. Create as many as you like! Finally build that tarrasque swarm you've been dreaming about and surprise your players with an epic rampage on a massive scale!
  12. Jacob Lewis

    5E D&D 5e Adventure Reviews

    Yes it does. What you describe as problematic to you, I find to be a fun, rewarding part of what I do. You see obstacles. I see opportunities. But then again, I've always been one to enjoy putting in more work than necessary. :)
  13. Jacob Lewis

    5E D&D 5e Adventure Reviews

    I get what you're saying, but this becomes a lousy metaphor in this context. A toolbox contains more than just devices and applications designed to do one specific job for you. There are components, pieces, fittings, and miscellaneous parts to help you build, fix, and replace other components...
  14. Jacob Lewis

    Worlds of Design: The Four Laws of Character Death

    The Law of Personal Relations It must be said that our personal bonds and friendships with players can (and will) affect how a GM will treat people differently, proportional to the relative nature of their relationship. My solution- don't mix friends, relatives, and spouses in with groups of...