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    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law trailer

    Here, in MCU, it looks like some kind of willing casual experiment, which I'm puzzled why Bruce would risk that on anybody. I also didn't know she could change back and forth. Kinda got the impression she was stuck green. I'm sure it'll be fun.
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    Star Trek Strange New Worlds, what did you think?

    side note: apparently one writer hated Wesley so much that he'd write very long technobabbles just to make him sound worse. Will wrote that he ran into the writer recently and they apologized. so some of that in TNG was just jerks.
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    Twitter is a poor place

    Indeed. I put my work on my blog. Then I write an intro text and post the link into my social media. Like pretty much everybody else doing articles or what have you. It works for me. I'm well over 4000 followers. Which isn't huge, but more than most.
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    Moon Knight - SPOILERS

    I liked the whole thing. They left us some nuggets for more MK.
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    Star Trek Picard season 2 (spoilers maybe unmarked)

    I felt like the last ep was a lot of predictable, and certain outcomes. of course, Cigar guy was gonna stay. Elnor would return. The queen in the iron mask would be Jurati. The day would be saved at virtually no cost. Q was helping Picard the whole time. On that last, think on that a bit. He...
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    The new Doctor has been announced!

    I hope he gets good support from all the haters. Disney wasn't so good at that for the SW folks. Beyond that, I trust he will do a good job.
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    Star Trek Strange New Worlds, what did you think?

    ah yes. the naming threw me. That's a bit more plausible then. Though I don't know why James Kirk needs to show up until the final episode of the series with Pike saying, "I stand relieved." perhaps with actual voicing by Shatner...
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    Star Trek Strange New Worlds, what did you think?

    I recall somebody writing about how prequels run some risks.... I liked it, but have some quibbles. This is presumably a 5 year mission, at the start. Uhura is a Cadet. James Kirk's dad is an LT on the ship. How old is Jim? When Jim takes over, how much time has past? And kid Jim has...
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    Ethics Mechanical Effects?

    some of those things go hand in hand. militarism, xenophobia and authoritarianism for example. If you got one, you prolly got the others. Add Jingoism (all those folks waving flags and claiming to be patriots are exhibiting) to the list. one could prolly make an alignment graph out of those...
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    The Best Meal You Ever Had .... The Great Meal Discussion

    On the other hand, the best advice I heard for places not to eat is never eat where there's naked people because they know you're not looking at your food.
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    The Best Meal You Ever Had .... The Great Meal Discussion

    I've been to one, but I found it to be too much food, in this weird gluttony encouraging way to make it worth the money, etc. It's not for me.
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    The Best Meal You Ever Had .... The Great Meal Discussion

    OK, I see what Danny did later. Best Salsa: Los Reyes on 1960, in the 97-2003 era. It was smooth, thickish. thinner than queseo. Dip a chip and it coated it. They got old and retired and the place closed. I never had a salsa like it and I wish I could reproduce it because overall, I'm not...
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    The Best Meal You Ever Had .... The Great Meal Discussion

    I'm terrible at this. I can't recall a restaurant meal that was so awesome that it stood out. I like food, but it's just food. If we had to switch to food pellets, I'd be fine and prolly lose a few pounds,. I do have the violates rule 4 example where I spent 3 days in the woods for survival...
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    Halo the series...spoilers

    3 eps in and I stand by my questioning whether the human race is worth rooting for. Halsey is awful. Keys is awful. The council of people whose names I forgot is awful. The people on junk planet are awful. Also that guy from Torchwood is awful. I'm sure there's nice people somewhere, but they...
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    Moon Knight - SPOILERS

    Ammit is lying. She gets hungry and plays eenie-meenie for a meal. My current hunch is that Steven is the alter. He may have started as a legend, a cover for Mark, but something happened, right around when Mark left Layla.