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  1. Jeff Wilder

    "Your Notifications" ... ?

    Is it possible to disable the "Your Notifications" entries drop-down, in whole or in part? It's pretty annoying, and since it doesn't go away from clicking on it (only from actually following one of the links), it's actually kinda useless. It didn't bother me when it was just XP notifications...
  2. Jeff Wilder

    [SF Bay Area] One-shot on 3/12 from 2 PM to 7:30 PM ...

    I'm looking for up to three players to participate in a one-shot Pathfinder adventure (7th-level characters provided) on March 12th, from 2:00 PM to 7:30 PM, at my home in Daly City. Beginners welcome. If interested (or if you have questions), please email jeff dot wilder at yahoo dot com
  3. Jeff Wilder

    3E/3.5 3.5 Whip feats?

    EN Publishing has a PDF called something like "EN Arsenal: Whips." I've only glanced it over, so I can't exactly say I recommend it, but it's a PDF ... whaddaya got to lose?
  4. Jeff Wilder

    Free adventure! ( ... with caveats)

    I have an adventure for 7th-level PFRPG PCs. This is an adventure I originally wrote for 3.5, but I've now converted it an updated it for PF. The caveats: (1) Being intended as a convention game, it's linear and rail-roadish. I think the rails are hidden fairly well, especially with a good...
  5. Jeff Wilder

    GenCon Event - An Old School Adventure

    A couple of years ago I ran this adventure as a 3.5 farewell at GenCon, and it seemed to be very fun for everyone. As the name implies, I designed it to be as evocative as I could of the D&D experiences I've had since I was young. It's straightforward and cliches abound, but there are little...
  6. Jeff Wilder

    HELP! High-tech villain's base?

    Rather than reinvent the wheel, I figured I'd ask here. Does anyone have maps for a high-tech HQ/lair? Suggestions and links for PDFs, free or not, would be great, too. Underground would be ideal, but I can likely adapt something above-ground. It of course doesn't have to be specifically for...
  7. Jeff Wilder

    Iron Man 2 (Blu-ray) for $10 ...

    Amazon.com. (Note that I don't work for Amazon and this isn't an ad. It's just super-cheap and I figured geeks like me would be interested.)
  8. Jeff Wilder

    GMS - How do you handle Knockback?

    Do you just handle it on an ad hoc basis? What powers/descriptors can cause knockback? When do they? When don't they? (I'm not talking about comparing Damage to Toughness for the Knockback modifier, BTW. I'm talking more generally.) I finally settled on "I decide if a power can cause...
  9. Jeff Wilder

    3E/3.5 What are the main changes from 3.5 to Pathfinder?

    Honestly, my only beef with PFRPG is that I feel they borked the skill consolidation. They clearly made skill consolidation choices based on balancing three factors: fun, realism, and play balance (i.e., utility in play). The problem is that the weighing seems to have varied greatly from...
  10. Jeff Wilder

    3E/3.5 What are the main changes from 3.5 to Pathfinder?

    It was. PFRPG simply clarifies this, as it does it a few other places.
  11. Jeff Wilder

    Have you ever driven a player from a game?

    The question is mostly self-explanatory, but I will clarify that I mostly have in mind "a largely unobjectionable player," with the implication that your behavior was ... not ideal. This will come as a universal shock to the reader (you may want to be seated), but I can be an abrasive guy...
  12. Jeff Wilder

    NPC creation trends?

    Recently I felt like I've been losing a handle on the details of my M&M campaign (mainly because of my propensity to improvise quite a bit and write notes on literally any flat surface), so I've started synthesizing a "Master Campaign Log." It's got entries for superheroes, supervillains, NPCs...
  13. Jeff Wilder

    PF1E [SF Bay Area] Seeking one player each: M&M and Pathfinder ...

    We have two alternating Sunday games (Pathfinder and M&M), and could use a player for each. (Each game currently has a GM and four players.) Each game runs from 2 PM to 7:30 PM (sometimes ending a bit earlier). Beginners are welcome in both games; you should be familiar with face-to-face RPGs...
  14. Jeff Wilder

    4E Is Pathfinder Combat As Slow as 4e?

    I'm also a fan of minions, and have been since SR2 introduced the concept of "Professional Rating" (i.e., at what wound level an opponent will pass out, surrender, or flee). In Pathfinder (Beta), toward the end of my campaign, I was giving "minions" minimum HP based on HD, and the most...
  15. Jeff Wilder

    Wow, do I hate rolling for stats!

    Pathfinder game, I rolled what would be 11 points in point-buy. Everyone else rolled between 15 and 20 points, except the guy who rolled about 28 points. I went from feeling enthusiastic to feeling like my character might as well be named The Gimp.