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    New Game Mechanics for Custom RPG (is it Lame?)

    Thanks Blue. In this setting, the humans of earth have learned or evolved to manipulate consciousness to interface with technology (and other beings, and to an extent, other dimensions). Space suites (armor), weapons, smaller craft (larger craft requires a large crew), an many other technologies...
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    New Game Mechanics for Custom RPG (is it Lame?)

    I will definitely check it out! Maybe I will get a lot if insight, if not crib it completely. Thank you very much! This is what I was looking for too.
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    New Game Mechanics for Custom RPG (is it Lame?)

    Thank you very much. That was exactly what I was looking for. The ambiguity of the stats did stem from my trying to make everything symmetrical, and make all three tiers of attributes equal in importance, i.e. valuable and vulnerable (necessary and at risk). The idea for this system is pretty...
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    New Game Mechanics for Custom RPG (is it Lame?)

    Hi all, I guess I've decided to reinvent the wheel and create a new Game Mechanic for a custom RPG. However, in spite of trying to get the right "feel" for the genre , I'm not sure it "feels right" and need a good critique. The game is set in the future and is completely SciFi, with space...
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    Idle Thought

    Well, I have thought of this before. It just doesn’t make sense that a 30 lb Halfling only has a -2 to strength. My son is a few months shy of two years old and weighs over 30 lbs. I couldn’t imagine the wee lad in an adventuring party sporting a shortsword and taunting his foes. Well, actually...
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    Xmas Gaming Swag!

    Heroes of Battle, Player's guide to Faerun and a cool T-shirt that has a picture of dice with a caption that reads: Choose your weapon.
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    Homebrew: How-to?

    Think of homebrewing a setting like homebrewing a beer. It makes a perfect analogy. Be sure that after you make the wort you “pitch the yeast”. That is let your PCs playtest the setting. This is where the fermentation process begins. Allow them to aid you with the overall creativity of it...
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    Spell Compendium: Is it worth the $$

    Also, what I like about RPGs is that older versions never become obsolete. The earlier editions are just as playable as they were when they were new. The same is true with the new edition revisions. I am still anxiously awaiting my copy of the compendium from our friends at Amazon.
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    Picking a deity for a non-cleric PC

    I believe that your cultural aspects (same as racial IMO) would have a profound influence on your choice of deity, so that’s no.1. But I also think that your character would be more inclined to follow a deity that has a similar alignment or morals, so that’s no.2. Thirdly, who wouldn’t venerate...
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    Vikings or Celts

    Oh, I disagree. It is the same Indo-European culture that swept west across Europe. Many anthropologists would agree that it was not the people per se but their language and culture that dominated most of Western Europe at the time (La Tene?) An empire built on cultural propagation rather than...
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    Merry Christmas, one and all!

    Merry Christmas everyone! Be safe and happy. And our hearts go out for those who cannot spend the holidays with their loved ones this year. -The Stout Clan
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    Goofy figs.

    My son’s toys like a little Grover and Cookie Monster. Make a spot check, Elmo’s lurking in the darkness…
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    Little help with aligment

    It's probably in one of the multitudes of paladin threads. I tried to search it but there are too many to go through. Can you be a wee more specific?
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    I hate monks

    The way I handle it is by creating an occidental style hand to hand martial art. Even if there are no actual historical examples of it (in RL), it’s easier to for the players to believe in a campaign were you don’t want any eastern influence. Still a wee bit uncomfortable I’ll admit, but when a...
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    Good FR novel

    Any of the ‘Realms of’ books would be good for a short trip. They are compilations of short stories by various authors. Some are pretty good too.