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Recent content by LogicsFate

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    All cookies cleared!

    A lot of newish links are bring me to an en page with these three words. I'm guessing it's my fault, and has something to do with my... cookies probably. How do I fix it?
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    Looking for a game around Palm Coast

    Hola!, I moved to the Palm Coast, FL area last year and was disappointed to find little or no public gaming activity. With only a Comic shop within a 35 minute drive I'm looking to the surrounding areas. Any info on games or hang out spots that I missed wold be greatly appreciated. I've gamed...
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    Edwyd's Victuals

    Edwyd's Victuals is a restaurant several doors down from the Red Dragon Inn. While the RDI serves most of what Edwyd's can, and for free to boot, Edwyd's is the place to go to get away from the hustle and the bustle of the adventurer packed Inn. Away from prying ears or quick tempers, here...
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    Am I crazy?

    Yesterday, I quoted someone and it came up with squiggly red lines under the words the other poster had misspelled. Is this an omen? Am I crazy/dreaming? Is there any way to spellcheck here that I just missed for the last two years?
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    D&D 4E Should the Flumph be included in the 4E Monster Manual?

    Yes yes, a thousand times yes! I, for one, would welcome our flumph overlords. Dang, Looks like I need to find a new flumphatar.
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    The Unofficial Christmas Swag Thread

    What did Santa bring you this Holy Day(Holiday)? I recived Cash, A Gift Card for target, an arm full of shirt that were just my style and a new bike For Christmas I got myself a Dell Inspirion(forgot spelling) 9300 laptop w/ upgraded video card We open our gifts the night before :] , I don't...
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    Who else feels like avoiding the family this Christmas eve?

    Free from the hustle and bustle of the family in the next room, I decided to stop in while I'm actily avoiding stress. How does everyone else handle it? Does it even stress you at all? Are you bummed cause all those crazies are off celebrating their crazy holidays, leaving the boards at 3/4 the...
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    Insert Hyperlink on the fritz

    When I press Insert Hyperlink it gives me the option too insert text, but after thet the box just closes when I hit OK. While this bears little importance to me, I was wondering if it was affecting anyone else?
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    This thread is costing me $.40 a minute to create(a.k.a. 1000 posts, WOOO!)

    Hail from international waters! Stupid ship prices $30 an hour, It's crazy, $.75 a minute if I go over, and it's rough waters feels like I'm going to be sick :D just :D It might not seem much to others, but hitting that forth digit feels pretty dang good Poster's I'd like to thank...
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    Daytona Beach, FL area gamers

    I have recently moved back to my birth state of Florida, and I'm in the market for a group of gamers. I play DnD, M&M, SW D20, BESM, A whole lot of other games related to RPGS(and many not) and I'm more than willing to learn any new or old systems If pressed I have been know to Game Master also
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    15 new Familiars...

    A good way to look at it is, if the familiar is useless their ability should be worth about a feat or a little more(exp-+1 to AC, slightly better than dodge). If it has other uses about half a feat give-or-takt(+2 to a skill)
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    Any Gamers in Port Orange, FL

    Or Daytona. I just moved here