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    5E Rising From The Last War one shot question.

    I read that part as Orc. Not Ogre. That makes everything far easier to find.
  2. ManBagel

    5E Rising From The Last War one shot question.

    I plan on running the one shot in RftlW and I was wondering what the stats are for the half orc Garra is supposed have. Where are the stats for this character?
  3. ManBagel

    5E As you the you all see Steel Defender being ridden by a miniforged.

    So back to Iron Defenders. I read the mounted combat rules, and I feel they aren’t made that well. I doubt they meant an Iron Defender to be an option, but a new question has been brought up. Can a Iron Mount take multiple actions? Mounted Combat Rules https://5thsrd.org/combat/mounted_combat/...
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    5E Robot’s Best Friend

    So I have a question about the Steel Defender stat block. Do you add your proficiency bonus at third level to the stats of Might of Master trait, or does that only happen when you gain a bonus in proficiency? Example at 5th level the stats increase. The player of Stahl The Miniforged, asked this...
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    5E Warforged kid

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    5E Warforged kid

    So would you allow the PC to have 30ft of speed as well?
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    5E Warforged kid

    So a PC at my table wants to play a warforged artificier that is the size of a child, where they were designed to sneak around and invent weapons for the war, but ran away after learning his creations were being made for war. He left with his Steel Defender to explore the world and what the PC...
  8. ManBagel

    5E Dual Wielder Feat Fix

    You master fighting with two weapons, gaining the following benefits: You gain a +1 bonus to AC while you are wielding a separate melee weapon in each hand. You can use two-weapon fighting even when the one handed melee weapons you are wielding aren’t light. You can draw or stow two...
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    5E Wild Card Rogue question

    Also does this make the savage attacker feat worthwhile for a Wild Card Rogue
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    5E Wild Card Rogue question

  11. ManBagel

    5E Wild Card Rogue question

    So one of the fighting styles is a razor card. So everything points to it allowing sneak attack damage, but the blade feature makes it seem like it only benefits from sneak attack if you roll a 1,3,4 on the d4. Do you add sneak attack to the attack and if you roll a 1 you add half the sneak...
  12. ManBagel

    5E 1 level of Nature Cleric vs 1 level of Druid

    So I plan on multiclassing a rogue with a level to get some nature flavored spells. I looked at druid and nature cleric I find that Druid doesn’t give as much as Nature Cleric. Druid Benefits Druidic In most campaigns it’s useless. If there is a second Druid in the party you can leave messages...