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D&D 5E How Do You Feel About The New UA?


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TL;DR: Tell me what you think about Fey Folk and Gothic Lineage UA. I personally am happy with what WotC is doing with these races. Even if it seems like I nitpick. Dhampir and Fairy needs tweaking. Reborn and Hexblood should be Starting Feats, or boons. Doesn’t work as a race in my option.


When I modified races for my campaign, I added that innate spellcasting to have the option to change the spellcasting modifier to Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. I doubt WotC is Incahoots with Google and read my Google Docs for ideas, but I love that they did this for the new races. Hopefully they add a variant rule that allows the other races with spellcasting to do the same as well. Owlfolk and Rabbitfolk don’t need tweaking, besides changing the Creature Type to Beast or Humanoid and Beast.

Dhampir (28? on Detect Balance)
Ok, this race is missing a few things from it. I would add something along the lines of “You can instead drink # (insert unit) of blood and have it count towards your food and drink for the day. Additionally, you do not to breath air to survive.” to it to make it feel like you have more of a choice in how to play your character. Do you actively fight against your vampiric nature or let it take control? That and 120ft of darkvision. Great they had the bite attack use Constitution and can have extra effects attached to it.

Fairy Race (42? on Detect Balance)
Overall, love the idea that they are adding Fairies to DND. Only issue I can see with the race is that it’s flight is very powerful.

Fairy Flight
You have a flying speed equal to your walking speed and can hover. This flight is magical and does not require the use of your wings (if you have them).

The issue with how it’s worded. Not needing to use wings to fly is very powerful. Now, I don’t recommend doing this all the time, but if a player relies on flight too often, the enemies will start to bring nets to deal with them flying out of there reach. With how it’s worded, a net would not matter making it difficult to challenge the player without using ranged weapons or possibly an Anti-Magic Field. Hover is a very powerful ability if the DM didn’t give it as a boon. (Because they should know the repercussions.) That or Fairy Hunters will become much more common.

Reborn (No Idea on Detect Balance)
I wonder where these traits come from? It sounds like it’s The Revived subclass for the rogue, but now as a race. Ehh, fine. There are people that want to play as an Undead or construct, and I can understand that. I feel like it would be better if it was a boon or was an option like how in Mythic Odysseys Of Theros has the blessings from the gods as an option for the DM to give to the players.

Hexblood (27? on Detect Balance)
Should be a boon or Starting feat like Reborn.

Fey Hobgoblin (Nope. Detect Balance)
Hobgoblin with Fey abilities. Cool. Will there be a Fey Goblin as an official race as well?

Owlfolk and Rabbitfolk
We needed more animal/humanoid races. Though, maybe they should count as Beasts instead of Humanoids? The abilities fit really well. No issues with how it’s currently structured.

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Request: please don't put a completely ambiguous title like "The New UA". It's been a while since that was out, I was looking to see what new one dropped since the feyfolk one. There's been several discussions of this article, it isn't "new". In three months or five years searching the archives this will make even less sense.
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