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Recent content by matnoo

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    Kickstarter Poster, JPG & Video Maps: RPG Drone Maps 2.0

    RPG Drone Maps 2.0 Hundreds of maps made from real world photography with insanely high detail. Huge posters. 20 Megapixel Jpgs. 4K video with sounds. Fantasy, contemporary, post apocalyptic, steampunk and futuristic! Here's the link! Would be great to have you involved. Mat :)
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    2 maps, 2 encounter stories, more maps & a question

    Dear moderators, sorry if this isnt in the right place or not ok for whatever reason... I have had the newsletter for years but only just started using the forum...
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    2 maps, 2 encounter stories, more maps & a question

    Hello. 2 maps! Click on the thumbnails for ultra high res links and once you get to the Dropbox page click on ‘comments‘ to see the encounter stories that go with them :) I have 400 maps like this, many of which have stories. You can see/buy them here...
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    Encounter maps made from drone photography!

    High res (5472x3078) version [here] Several hundred more photo (and video) maps available [here] I fly drones around the world and take low altitude high resolution images for encounter maps. I also take video footage. I then edit them, splice content together, stabilise and loop the video...
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    Kickstarter Mini Gaming Tables on Kickstarter

    Hey. I made these for some friends a while ago and they liked them so much I turned it into a kickstarter. It's worth a look if you play RPGs https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1375513803/charactable-rpg-board-for-character-sheet-dice-not?ref=user_menu...