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    Meet the Daughter of Hideous Laughter

    Actually it's not a retcon because it does not change any etablished fact. It just gives an information where there was no information in any way before. If old lore said that Tasha wore a red dress and then new lore suddenly says Tasha has always been known for here trademark blue dresses she...
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    5E Reconciling the different Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons Cosmologies

    During 2e the official explanation of the time of troubles was that the multispheric deities were safe and sound in their respective realms. If they wanted to continue to maintain a divine link to Toril however, they had to send in a special avatar on the level of the mortal selfs the single...
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    General I'm reading the Forgotten Realms Novels- #091 Beyond the High Road by Troy Denning (Cormyr 2).

    p. 12: This spell, called Karsus’s avatar, was the only 12th-level spell ever created. It was designed to temporarily steal the powers of a deity.
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    General I'm reading the Forgotten Realms Novels- #091 Beyond the High Road by Troy Denning (Cormyr 2).

    The limited duration was mentioned several times in the descriptive text throughout the box set, but left out in the mechanical write up of the spell. The second write up in P&P fixed that
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    5E Iggwilv/Tasha To Join Volo, Xanathar, and Mordenkainen? [UPDATED!]

    Note that during this time Orcus was a lesser deity himself before his demise. That's why the adventure points out that even as Tenebrous he is still a deity.
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    5E Iggwilv/Tasha To Join Volo, Xanathar, and Mordenkainen? [UPDATED!]

    This thread sparked my interest in the whole Tasha/Iggvwilv issue and so I want back to read the article in Dragon 359. For this article, "Unsolved Mysteries of D&D", they actually worked with the creators of the respective settings. So Greenwood for FR, Keith for Eberron and Gygax was also part...
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    5E Iggwilv/Tasha To Join Volo, Xanathar, and Mordenkainen? [UPDATED!]

    Not just in 4th Edition. The link was already made official in 3rd Edition. It was during one of the last issues of printed dragon where they did a "big secrets of D&D history" article and among other stuff revealed that Tasha = Iggwilv was intended all along complete with showing all the little...
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    Critical Role Why Critical Role is so successful...

    Is this in the later campaigns? I just startet and I am still at episode 8 of their first one, but wow is that a bunch of brutal murder hobbos (including the DM; who describes an extreme gory kill at least once per encounter) Did they "mature" over the course of the later campaigns?
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    Level Up (A5E) What is the vision of the high level fighter?

    Kratos is a demigod and even so one could argue that he still needs the magic weapons to hurt the more powerful deities. By the time in the series he's able to smash them with his bare hands he's already further charged by the titans. In the early episodes you just beat the deity endboss by...
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    Level Up (A5E) What is the vision of the high level fighter?

    Well, the Deadly Fighter in pop culture action movies is anything but mere human. John Wick pulls superhuman durability feat after another. Same with James Bond, Ethan Hunt , etc. And that history of ignoring what a human body is capable of withstanding, how fast a human body can recover, the...
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    5E Midnight: Legacy of Darkness announced at GenCon Online

    But how will it's evil races be received today?
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    General What if the Blood War ended? (Possible Outcomes Discussion)

    Which I think just shows that in 5e the place in the infernal hierarchy does not correlate with their personal CR. Zariel is probably already one of the highest CR archdevils despite only being lord of the first. Otherwise we'd have them eclipsing Tiamat before even reaching Mephistopheles But...
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    Well, the only source that really ever stated this serpent deity origin actually clearly pegged his power by stating that Asmodeus in his full world serpent form is a greater deity. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    5E From M. T. Black and Ed Greenwood “Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim" is coming in August!

    Hm, I wonder whether this will be more about cyricist Zhentarim or banite Zhentarim. As it's Darkhold we should expect the cyricist faction, but since it's from Ed who doesn't like Cyric very much I fear we'll read about a banite takeover