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    5E [GUIDE] Stealth, Hiding and You!

    I was talking about natural darkness and not spells or magic in general. Those have rules of their own which are usually detailed in the spell entry itself. However, you have it reversed. Someone standing in darkness, magical or not, can see out of it fine unless the darkness/spell/magic in...
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    I hate problem players

    As a proud Canadian I find this post offensive, Sir!
  3. Noctem

    5E Stealth & that big Rock!

    There is no such thing as a surprise round in 5e. It's actually "While it can see you clearly" post errata. No one is saying DM's can't make rulings at the table. But what you're claiming here isn't about rulings. You're speaking in absolutes! Btw everyone should go see the new Star Wars.
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    5E Cragmaw Castle (possible LMoP spoilers)

    Google fu gave me another angle of the same place but not the name of the location or even if it's a real place yet. ill keep looking though.
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    5E Cragmaw Castle (possible LMoP spoilers)

    Think of it like this: Basically, the image shows ruins but they are still largely intact. You have the roof collapsed in, windows, slits here n there and that sort of thing but the lower sections appear to be pretty solid. So although the top sections are damaged and in a state of advanced...
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    5E Warlock and Repelling Blast

    Well agree to disagree I guess. Which words have I invented exactly? What reasoning have I invented? I've submitted a few forms of evidence and there's even a quote from Sage Advice. Though from Mearls as I pointed out earlier, it's still Sage Advice. A readied action is inherently...
  7. Noctem

    5E Warlock and Repelling Blast

    Well we can't speak to what is or isn't a good example because we're not the devs :) Since we can't agree on what is the correct resolution system for these triggers, we can't say that the examples are good or bad since they work for both interpretations. If it's a question of resolving after...
  8. Noctem

    5E is stealth an action?

    no they go to show that the rules don't need to specifically call out that you can't do something or that you don't gain a specific benefit / penalty at all times just because you can sometimes do / gain them.
  9. Noctem

    5E Warlock and Repelling Blast

    Your question is irrelevant to the discussion because time is not a factor when making attacks in 5e. You're shifting the goal posts of the discussion now that multiple rules quotes have been given.
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    5E Cleric build for upcoming play by post campaign

    Hello, I was hoping to get help for a cleric build I'm planning on using for a play by post game. I've done plenty of 5e DM'ing but not much player stuff. I've also not seen a cleric in 5e before. All races and classes are allowed. You also get a free Multiclass based on your character...
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    5E Ravenloft / The Black Company Campaign Idea!

    Hello! I've been toying with an idea for a Ravenloft / The Black Company campaign for a while. I would like to share my ideas here and get feedback from the community about the various modifications I will need to make to the game. Namely classes, game mechanics, monsters, items, etc.. as...