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    Announcement: New Products from Renegade Games for Vampire V5.

    Should they consider a reissue of the core book in a redesigned form (say, even with a solid black cover with a minimalist layout with grayscale or no illustrations), I may reconsider buying it. I had been excited about this game, but then its graphic design and presentation turned me off...
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    D&D 5E What is one hp of damage in real life?

    This, absolutely, and not as a joke, obviously. HP is an abstraction, and will mean different things to different characters. In general, full HP is practically a measure of how far away your character is from becoming unable to act because of physical injuries and/or stress etc; and a given...
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    My Favorite Parts of Van Richten’s Guide To Ravenloft

    Errr… What makes you think you can't kill darklords in 5e RL? Where's the source for that (which would make it a "fact")? Not having stats does not mean they're unkillable. Edit: And even if they were actually unkillable in 5e (which they don't seem to be), that wouldn't change my view...
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    My Favorite Parts of Van Richten’s Guide To Ravenloft

    Up until now Ravenloft—for me—was anything but action (as in action movies.) It's been, essentially, gothic horror. My template would be like the heroes encounter something creepy, they get scared and horrified, they realize that in the long run they're up against something essentially...
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    D&D General 1991 Dark Sun Setting Overview and Speculation

    Excellent post, though I somewhat miss the inclusion of crucial world-building/altering factors as magic, psionics, and (giant or otherwise impactful) creatures and monsters.
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    D&D 5E Meet Ravenloft's Harkon Lucas and Rudolph Van Richten

    are you sure this is the galaxy you're looking for
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    D&D General Do you care about lore?

    I hope you're not complaining about people complaining about people. (Because it appears so.) 🙃
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    D&D 5E Meet Ravenloft's Harkon Lucas and Rudolph Van Richten

    Intriguing. Now meet Harkon Lukas (with a "k", not a "c", so no, he's not related to George), the Meistersinger from the original Realm of Terror boxed set — as illustrated by the brilliant Stephen Fabian, whose artwork defined the look and feel of the Ravenloft of the old days. (Note also...
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    Scion Is Coming to TV

    Yet more superheroes.
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    D&D General Leaning into the tropes

    As an aside, this is what FASA made official in their Earthdawn game — a "what if there was a reason for all the dungeons, treasure, and demons in your fantasy world" fantasy alternate to D&D — back in the day with Thera and Throal.
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    D&D Needs "Weirder"/More Unique Races

    No, it doesn't, really. If D&D needs something, it's a friendly guide to help people make more interesting, intriguing and engaging (and engageable) personalities and backgrounds for their characters, focusing on motivations, traits, and so on. Having weirder and weirder races, and having them...
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    D&D 1E Giving an AD&D feel to 5e

    Why not go the other way around? Play (A)D&D 1e/2e, but with a backport of the proficiency-stuff and the skills of 5e?
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    D&D 5E What is your definition of a Vanilla setting

    In my take the most vanilla is what you get from the PHB itself, and even there ignoring most of the fluff: just what the game mechanics and the essential fluff required to build a simple character of each class describe, discarding specificities like entity names and lore, and so on. And, to...
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    Thread Game: Change/Add/Subtract a Letter, Ruin a D&D Creature

    Beholder → Be older Orc → Orb Troll → Stroll Dragon → Drag on
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    From out of the 80's into the 90's erm 2021

    Numan (note: it's Numan, not Numen) is awesome indeed (though I was a bit surprised to see his name pop up here.) Check his live releases as well, they're some of the best. A few examples that I think are worth mentioning, off the top of my head (careful, some of the videos linked are...