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    5E Clarification about Two Weapon Fighting (PHB pg. 195)

    Hello all, I haven't played 5th edition for a long while now (sadly) and have decided to brush up on the rules a bit, just because I think it's fun to at least read the books, even if I can't play. In doing so, I was reading the combat rules again, and had an interesting thought in regards to...
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    1E AD&D 1E Players Handbook In PDF

    Has anyone purchased this current release PDF? If so, what is the quality like? Any errors, poor scan, etc? Thanks!
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    Kickstarter [Legendary Games] LEGENDARY PLANET Kickstarter at 500% and counting!

    This looks really cool, and I'd like to get in, but am (admittedly) somewhat confused. Is there any pledge that gets you physical books of all the material? I am not too hyped on PDFs, but would buy in if we get everything in a hard copy book (or books). Additionally, when you buy in at...
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    6E Twelve actions for an even fresher 6th edition, or for an ultra-basic retooling of 5e

    Excellent idea. The printing costs (on a large scale) would probably be low enough to make purchased copies less than paying office max or whatever to print them out. If they could keep the cost at $12 or less, these would be great to buy stacks of to hand out to new players, or even potential...
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    6E Twelve actions for an even fresher 6th edition, or for an ultra-basic retooling of 5e

    Perhaps this will be an unpopular thought ITT, but I LOVE 5E. What's wrong with the game simply continuing on as it is? I have a feeling that if 6E were to come around and be vastly different than all previous editions, then it would cause another "splintering of players" much like 4E &...
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    5E Tracking Encumberance & other smaller things.

    Hello all, I will be moving shortly, and therefore will be starting a new group of gamers in a 5E campaign (well, as soon as I can get players anyway). The group I have been DM'ing for were all new players and I was new to RPGs and DM'ing as well. For a lot of "small stuff" I just sort of...
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    Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia

    Hello all, So, I finally broke down and bought a copy of the Rules Cyclopedia today. I had to pay quite a bit for it at a local retailer, but happy to have it, none-the-less. The back of the book states that it contains all of the rules from the D&D box sets Basic, Expert, Companion, and...
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    Anybody like/play The World of Darkness?

    Hello all, Last night a friend of mine game me a copy of The (new) World of Darkness core rulebook as a going away present (I am moving). After we finished our main (Pathfinder) game most of the players went home and he ran (the rest of) us through (a small portion of) a pregen adventure that...
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    5E What class really is the "jack of all trades"?

    Hello all, Been a while since I posted, but back again now. :) Anyway, on to my question that was actually spurred by another thread + last nights gaming session. Essentially, what I want to know is, if there really is a class that is the theoretical "jack of all trades". I am asking...
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    5E Opinions on The Rise of Tiamat?

    Hello all, I am currently running my group through the LMoP adventure, and they're all dead set on moving to HoDTQ next, in fact, one of my players even bought the book and gave it to me to run when we're ready. :cool: I have read quite a bit about HoTDQ and am aware of it's detractors, but I...
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    TSR TSR's Lawrence Schick on the Development of The Known World

    Very cool article. I am highly fascinated by the history of D&D (not havaing "lived through it") and this article is a nice peek at a classic setting, and how it came to be. :)
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    5E Bounded Accuracy. Where can I find it referenced?

    Hello all, I see bounded accuracy mentioned a lot on these forums, but I am not quite sure what it is. Initially, I thought it was in the DMG, so I waited until I got it (DMG) to try to look it (BA) up. Well I finally picked up my DMG over the weekend, and haven't been able to find it all...
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    5E Any interest in a step-by-step guide to character creation?

    Hello all, I have finally figured out how to properly create 5E characters with confidence in what I am doing. However, as a new player, I found character creation to be one of the most difficult things to learn. IMO the PHB wasn't as clear as it should have been, and I ended up watching a...
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    5E When do you expect that we will start seeing the 2nd printings of the 3 core books?

    Hello all, With the popularity of 5E, and the 3 core books doing seemingly very well on Amazon, I would venture to guess they are selling fairly well at all oulets they are available. Not knowing, I would think that WOTC has a set # of books they printed for the first run, and once they are...
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    5E Please help me understand "official" 5E releases.

    Hello all, I have been reading here a lot as of late, and I always see the hardback books being listed as official releases for 5E. What I do not see mentioned are the sogftcover modules such as Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle, Murder in Baldur's Gate, Legacy of the Crystal Shard, and Vault of...