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  1. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Crash-Course On The Forgotten Realms

    Re: Dungeons & Democracy: The Eagle Knights from the kingdom not literally called Eagleland in Pathfinder's Golarion campaign setting are the closest I've seen, but a DM would have to consciously play up that aspect of their identity. That said I wish magocracy was a real thing, of all the...
  2. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Crash-Course On The Forgotten Realms

    The place names are pretty badass. The O.G. module it's based on had all of this stuff too, back in like 1981 or whatever. (It wasn't an FR module, and I can't remember if it was Blackmoore, Greyhawk (in which case you'd launch from Saltmarsh like I think you do in the 5E adventure??), or just...
  3. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Crash-Course On The Forgotten Realms

    Gotcha. Sorry to keep bringing up Shadowrun, but this is actually very similar to the Crash 2.0 which was an apocalyptic event at the end of Shadowrun's 3rd Edition which besides being a big epic spectacle and event was basically there to explain why the Matrix in 4E would work nothing like the...
  4. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Crash-Course On The Forgotten Realms

    So what was, in brevis, the Spellplague? (Shadowrun has ~60-70 novels and I would guess somewhere between 70 and 100 sourcebooks (around 10 of which I worked on). And all of its metaplot is either harder to wrap your brain around for being set ostensibly in the future of Earth, or easier for...
  5. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Crash-Course On The Forgotten Realms

    ....annnnnnnd that one is literally 300 pages. Holy crabs. I feel like Homer Simpson a little: "REMOVE THE ROCK OF SHAME. ...ATTACH THE ROCK OF TRIUMPH!" That seems like a great, comprehensive reference work but it also looks way too long for me to actually read and internalize on any kind of...
  6. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Crash-Course On The Forgotten Realms

    @Beleriphon that is awesome thank you so much that's the exact kind of thing I'm looking for in this thread. Although some of your "Click to expand..." hyperlinks don't seem to be working for me. @Eltab idk Beleriphon did pretty good just now! I can't seem to find evidence that a 3E Forgotten...
  7. ParanoydStyle

    Your RPG $$$s

    I think more accurately I forgot to put a question mark but let me try a quick edit. Edit: there, that's better. don't worry about being a jerk, at least not in this case, you improved my thread!
  8. ParanoydStyle

    Your RPG $$$s

    Let's say that you are, unlike me, someone with real, bona fide disposable income that you can afford to spend on TTRPG related stuff. Good for you! What do you want to spend it on? If your honest go-to gut check response is "fancier dice and dice rolling thingies", pretend for the moment...
  9. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 2E Which is the better fantasy rpg and why: D&D 5e or Pathfinder 2e?

    I have a lot of trouble seeing why we need one thread about this, let alone three. It is the kind of topic that it seems impossible a community will ever reach a consensus on, and also one where it seems like discussing it is more likely to be counterproductive than fruitful. In other words...I...
  10. ParanoydStyle

    D&D General Slaads are failures as exemplars of Chaotic NEUTRAL

    My take on the Slaad has been that they're not Chaotic Evil, they're Chaotic-something-worse-than-evil. Basically, it's the standard Lovecraft shtick: something so weird and alien and incomprehensible that ordinary morality can't even be applied to it. So they're not Good or Evil on the moral...
  11. ParanoydStyle

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    I had no idea this was a thing. That will happen when you've pulled the plug and are living with just a few streaming services, not cable. Ghostbusters was, during my childhood, my absolute very favorite thing. The first thing I wrote, I wrote circa age 4: Ghostbusters fanfiction, dictated to...
  12. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Crash-Course On The Forgotten Realms

    Hey! Of the different settings you're allowed to write for on the DM's Guild, I think that Forgotten Realms is the one I dislike the least, I think. (My preference would be writing for Greyhawk or Dragonlance but what're ya gonna do--I have a Greyhawk project I'm doing completely on spec for...
  13. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Eberron versus Multiverse

    I know very little about both settings, actually, for a person that's been playing D&D like forever. But my personal view on the Multiverse is--I imagine!--in line with that of the D&D creative team, which is that every D&D setting (and in my personal headcanon, plenty of planes of existence or...
  14. ParanoydStyle


    Did anyone see the latest episode? It's the one where RICK AND MORTY GO TO D&D LAND so it's pretty damn relevant to this discussion (as it turns out, in worlds where magic (which Rick hates) innately trumps science and/or technology doesn't work, Rick can kind of get pwnt by actual wizards) but...
  15. ParanoydStyle

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Fiasco, Shadow Profiteer, Resist & Remember, and more

    Thanks so much for featuring my game in this! I really appreciate the shout-out. Sorry I failed to notice earlier, like, four months earlier!