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    Trying to Locate a Specific Centaur pic

    I used to have a pic of a centaur, and I'm trying to locate it again and failing. I spent the morning on DeviantArt and Google, and came up with nothing (but a lot of really cool pics of other centaurs). This was a hand drawn sketch of a Roman or Greek styled centaur. He was wearing an ornate...
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    CM 1 Test of the Warlords and other Companion modules

    But then what will the goats eat? (My vote is for the ice-pears.) My only real beef with the "Test of the Warlords" module (aside from the fact that 90% of the NPCs are fighters, which is understandable since it's Basic D&D) is that I find it unsatisfyingly black and white. When it comes to...
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    CM 1 Test of the Warlords and other Companion modules

    This is weird, but I'm also prepping "Test of the Warlords" for my 3.5 game. I'm going to start the PC's out at about 6th level and run it up to 10th, adjusting the rest of the module accordingly. (So I probably won't be using all 2000 frost giants.) What sort of dominion rules are you...
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    Need something from Dragon 145

    Dragon #145 was actually the first issue of Dragon Magazine I ever bought, right after I began playing D&D. Not all that interesting, except I no longer have it and I'm looking for an article that coincidentally is in that issue. Specifically the "Holding Down the Fort" article that has random...
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    Unable to register at

    If it makes you feel any better (and I can't imagine it would), I tried to register there last night and had the same problem.
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    Basic D&D Companion Set

    I am thinking about running a short campaign that focuses on the PC's as they carve out and tame their lands from the wilderness. The module I am looking at is CM-1 "Test of the Warlords", and most of the stuff that deals with managing a keep and the like refers to the rules in the Companion...
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    Why is the spiked chain so good?

    There would be now, since I just made it up. This is my last post on the subject, because honestly, I feel I am simply repeating myself. For the purposes of this house rule (to address the specific balance issues I have listed in the posts above), the Spiked Chain is a special weapon. It's...
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    Why is the spiked chain so good?

    Which, if it were a two-handed light weapon, it would. Granted, this makes it an exception to the general rule about light weapons, but it already is (in that it is a non-light, two-hand weapon that can be Finessed). That is separate from the issue that I've never been sold on the difference...
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    Why is the spiked chain so good?

    The chain would be an exception. You also can't Finesse a non-light weapon by the rules; the exceptions are listed in the weapon description. Instead of reading, "You can Finesse the Spiked Chain even though it is not a light weapon," it would be, "The Spiked Chain is a Light Weapon that must...
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    Why is the spiked chain so good?

    I wouldn't change anything about it other than to consider it a Light Weapon (it'll still be two-handed), although now that you mention it, I think a Dex-based TWF who wielded two chains would be less annoying than one who wielded one two handed and got the 2-hand Power Attack damage. "The best...
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    Why is the spiked chain so good?

    I'd be more inclined to consider it a Light Weapon, and leave it at that. I think a lot of the Spiked Chain's perceived unbalance comes from it being the best weapon across the board. If you take away the 2-hand Power Attack benefit, it still remains a very versatile weapon without also being...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Converting 4E Minion Concept to 3.5E ???

    I'm a little confused by what you mean by multiple hits. If any damage kills a minion, Great Cleave becomes a lot more powerful. If minions require more than one hit to drop, Great Cleave doesn't do anything. Mooks in 3.5 can be built in a number of ways. Some monsters might have horrible...
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    Help with a Character Build for a OA-style game

    I played this character last week, and it came together pretty well. The opposition were mostly single-class monks and the backdrop was a grand competition between schools which I (and the other PCs) were allowed to enter as former members of a particular order. The climax of the tournament...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Converting 4E Minion Concept to 3.5E ???

    I think the "hit" method penalizes people with high damage output. Power Attack/Great Cleave is designed to mow down unimportant minions, but would be useless against a 2 hit minion.
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    Do you like being slated to win?

    Yeah, a TPK is usually if not the end of the campaign, at least a dramatic restart. I guess it depends on the nature of the group as well; my old group ran in one game world the GM had been running since 1e, so if the party got killed the next party would still exist in the same world...