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    5E Has anyone experimented with Advantage / Disadvantage on damage dice?

    It's already kind of in 5e with the Savage Attacker feat I think - you can reroll damage. Which is almost but not quite as good as adv on damage rolls.
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    General Help Me Build the D&D Game I Want to Run

    Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe edition with the expanded exploration rules does exactly this, both mechanics wise and the adventures are written in this style - travel to site, adventure at site, return to base (see Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting for example, or pretty much any of the Adventure...
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    Surprising the GM, or, Random Content in Dungeons

    I 100% agree, I think you want a mix of planned and random material. It simply more fun for everybody at the table.
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    General What Compels YOU to a new RPG?

    I generally like to play a system for up to about a year, then switch it up with something else. Keeps things fresh. Of course this is not always the case, we played 4e for 4 years I think.
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    5E Is 5e "Easy Mode?"

    Yes, 5e is extreme easy mode, for a number of reasons, not the least being how death saves work with bonus action, ranged healing word.
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    Crowdfunding News – SLA Industries, PunkApocalyptic, Harper’s Tale, and more

    Thanks for the shout out Egg, appreciate it man!
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    Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Edition - Kickstarter

    Hi all, just a shout out to let folks know that Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Edition's Kickstarter is on track to start in about a week's time. Summary of the main features below! • PDF & Hardcover: 2 versions, Full Colour + B&W Line Art. • 9 Classes...
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    Critical Role Critical Role Episode #26 - spoilers!

    Cr has always been more show than game. If you're watching for the show, you might get upset when you fav char gets killed off. And if you're watching for the gameplay, well, you wouldnt be watching CR. You'd be playing.
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    5e Hardmode

    Is your 5e game too safe and survivable? Too whack-a-mole? Too cakewalk? Might be time to try Hardmode.
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    Fantasy/Sci-fi/Cyberpunk Tabletop RPG that plays well online via VTT?

    Hey all, I'm trying to find a fantasy or sci-fi or cyberpunk tabletop rpg that works well on VTT online play - without automating the rolls. I've played tons of dnd, esp 5e, and similar d20 games and find online play slows things down a lot. Which RPGs run well online on sites like roll20...
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    Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting

    Just a note that the PDF of the Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting is now available on DTRPG: In summary - 365 pages of low magic campaign world, half sandbox, half toolkit. Made for Low Fantasy Gaming RPG (a d20...
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    Low Fantasy Gaming RPG

    Thought I would start a thread to compile a few Low Fantasy Gaming RPG docs that some might find interesting or useful: Free LFG Rulebook PDF: Tavern Tables: Expanded Patron Tables...
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    Lulu Free Shipping code - FREEMAIL17

    With Lulu Free Shipping - code FREEMAIL17 - expires 29 March - you can get a bunch of indie RPGs and supplements for most systems for much less than usual.... For example, Low Fantasy Gaming rpg softcover is about USD $7 ;)
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    $1 Adventure Frameworks

    Mini adventure #18 is out: Halls of the Dwarf Lord
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    Expanded Tavern Patrons Table

    An expanded Tavern Patrons table that I originally posted late last year