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    Magical Horseshoe Attack

    Off-topic: My groups roll with critical failures and Vorpal would only end up in me needing a new character sheet ready every session, just because I know how unlucky some people can be.
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    schools of magic

    That's great, but I'd like a class based around that with additional features that apply other bonuses and penalties beyond just the Maneuvers. That can help me get a foot in the door with a DM though, thanks.
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    schools of magic

    No, they have weak booms, barely booms really more...poofs. It's just they can do it all day, all night, and beyond.
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    its all in the interpretation

    Toughness [General]BenefitYou gain +3 hit points. SpecialA character may gain this feat multiple times. Its effects stack. Welcome to the pointless wastes of ink that is WotC creating feats and class features. The game is all about taking those small gains and adding them together to make your...
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    new pc Im trying some firsts, even the campiagn is a first

    Okay, so reading this I'd hoped that your PrC's would be discouraged. There are quite a few warnings I have solely regarding the mechanics of Dread Witch and Nightmare Spinner combined, yes it makes a powerful character, but it trivializes every encounter as every spell can become a fear spell...
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    schools of magic

    Infinite Booms is best Booms.
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    schools of magic

    Simply put, the damage route is inefficient and when you are limited to (generally) one spell per turn, would you rather take out 1/10th of a few enemies' health or make your fighter Gargantuan, so he can keep them off you while you root them in place or sicken them or deal 5d4 strength damage...
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    Magical Horseshoe Attack

    The example is actually kind of silly, but from the way it is written it is to be treated as any magical weapon would be. (ie: +1, etc and can't enchant it as a ranged weapon unless it is ranged, etc) If you can't detach it normally I wouldn't advise throwing it. Although if it did have...
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    Designing an Epic Spell

    I concur that his is not an epic spell, even if it were to affect large populations in short times. Now something similar that can undermine everyone's personal beliefs and experiences, that would epic. Like for instance, make them forget that a certain race ever existed and if they actively...
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    Magical Horseshoe Attack

    While I like the idea of a magical horseshoe. ( I had a way different idea where this thread was going, a luck item or something similar) If "3.0" information is usable the Necklace of Natural Attacks (Savage Species) is the best Natural weapon enhancement I have found, at least the best one...
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    My recent experience with a fighter - and how that flies in the face of the typical line

    While I do not disagree that melee characters are useful in a party if not essential, I still don't see how any of that (save dervish dance and sneak attack) is exclusive to a martial class, my point is all of that can and does come up with casters via summon monster, Druid pets, thralls...
  12. PureGoldx58

    My recent experience with a fighter - and how that flies in the face of the typical line

    I'd like to point out that none of your examples were exclusive to a martial class at all, which is what I assume you mean by "fighter". Building on that I'd like to point out that almost all of your examples were almost exclusively related to the magic users in your party (buffing/healing)...
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    legit to have skeletons only attack if someone crosses threshold

    I think the most important thing to say right now, is that as a DM. You don't really have to explain yourself unless it is something far off insane like a fireball identified as such not allowing a save because of space. (Had that happen once, I rules lawyer raged for a bit). You especially...
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    Animated Shields

    I use mine as an umbrella. 1) Yes you can, because it doesn't say you can't. 2) It doesn't say it doesn't, therefore...I'd ask your DM with a big pizza in your hand.
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    What is the most damaging one shot spell?

    I wondered when Vengeful Gaze of God was going to be dropped. I'd say Miracle/Wish, because you can Miracle the moon to smash your opponent, or Miracle every damaging spell ever to go off into that enemy's face, etc. Also, on the water I have used hurricanes created by Control Weather to...