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    Going to be gone till at least Sunday...

    Heading out on a trip.... will be gone till at least Sunday... DM's feel free to run my characters... I'm sure you've seen them in action long enough to know how things should go down :) - Rathan
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    Have Email Notifications Been Disabled Again?

    I noticed after the most recent server maintenance that was recently done I am no longer getting instant email notification for my threads I've subscribed to. Is this being worked on currently and will we be getting this feature back anytime soon? Thanks in Advance, - Rathan
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    3.5 Anyone Up to Running High Level 3.5 DnD?

    Now I realize before I took my little break I was playing in a level 20 epic promising game but due to DM health issues and the HUGE amount of people involved the game died out before it had a chance to really shine.... I was hoping someone might again be interested in running a high level or...
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    Away This Weekend!

    Hiya Folks... to my players and to those DM'ing in games I play in.. I will be away this weekend for another LARP weekend... will be back sometime sunday evening or monday after noon..... sorry for the inconvenience! Sincerely, - Rathan
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    Away This Weekend!

    To my players and many DM's.... I will be away this weekend for my first LARP event of the season.... I will be back sometime Sunday evening at the latest I do believe.... - Rathan
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    (YB!) Gerrett The Summoner Takes on Adderax (Bones Judging!)

    Gerrett smirks softly to him as he exits the shop in the small town he is in... his eyes fixed on his new and improved summoning staff... the long golden shaft was perfectly attuned to summoning creatures and whatever else his evil heart desired. Slowly he moved out of town in search of someone...
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    3.5 Leif's 'The Hall of the Rainbow Mage' [A] (D&D 3.5 OOC)

    As he adds allowed sources and the like I will edit this post to keep it current.
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    A Question about Craft Psionic Construct

    Can anyone give me a breakdown of exactly what I could use this feat on.. the only two constructs I could find in the expanded psionics handbook are the psion-killer which my tabletop character is too low a caster level to create... and a psi-crystal.... are there other constructs that can be...
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    (YB!) Gerrett the Summoner Vs. Pool (Bones Judging!)

    "I have chosen my path and now I DARE someone to stand in my way of greatness! I will take on anyone who feels the need for total defeat at the hands of my master summoning skills!" Gerrett the Summoner Defiler Path: Dark Apprentice 1 Sig Location(s): Ruins Battle Record: 1-0 Yen: 1 Items...
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    Attention: I will be away this weekend....

    I will be gone with friends for my birthday Friday the 24th through Sunday the 26th... a heartfelt sorry to my players and those DM I play games in for.... - Rathan
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    (YB!) Gorlix's Item Shop!

    As you enter the small shop you see a small gnomish looking old man with his face half buried in a schematic of some kind, no doubt his next big creation! As you approach the counter he perks his head from the draft of his work and start to shout a bit to you... NO! This one is NOT for sale...
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    (YB!) Gerrett the Summoner vs. Irene the Mistwalker (Patch Judging!)

    Gerrett a wily looking man in dark flowing robes stands over a small rolling hill overlooking a completely quiet battlefield... his dark gray eyes scan the vast mostly flat landscape as he searches for a worthy opponent to challenge and start his rise to power and fame here in YBeria! Gerrett...
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    3.5 (IC - D&D 3.5) Rathan's Problem Down Under

    A you all take a knee before the respective heads of each of the five territories you look about to your surroundings. The large vaulted and pillared rectangular room was deathly quiet in anticipation of the 'kings' words... all five of them. The representative of Lorken steps up first to speak...
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    You Bastard! Returns! - Players Needed! [Free In Game Gifts to New Players!]

    Hello all... as some of you may have seen in other forums here I am looking to get YB!.. an old game born and bread here on EnWorld back on it's feet once more.... I have made a Group here in the groups section of the website with a player introduction page and a couple rules threads within the...
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    Rogue's Gallery - Rathan's Problem Down Under

    This is the Rogue's Gallery for my home brew campaign: Problem Down Under Happy Reviewing Everyone! Artifact Listings: (These will be assigned to you during the first part of the intro in the IC thread once I make it but I'm posting it here to give you time to update your character sheets...