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    Enter The Arena reboot, over 100% funded and open til Nov. 2!

    Greetings everyone! We at Promethean Games Inc. are currently running a limited production run of Enter The Arena over on our Kickstarter! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/prometheangames/eta-enter-the-arena-reboot. The campaign is already over 100% funded after two days, and we still have...
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    Enter The Arena, 5 days left!

    Greetings everyone! Enter The Arena, a new strategy card game where players take on the roles of gladiators in the ancient Roman Colosseum! ETA has been receiving some great press and reviews. Rather than espouse about here are some choice snippets from our many reviews: If these blurbs...
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    FatherGeek.com's review for Enter The Arena

    As the title says, here is FatherGeek's newest review for a new Kickstarter game called Enter The Arena. I, being one of the games creators, would love if you would take the time to give the review a read! I think the review is on point and very entertaining. Enjoy!
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    Kickstarter [Kickstarter] Enter The Arena, plus a review from FatherGeek.com!

    My name is Jonathan Oberto, a founder and game designer at Promethean games Inc. We recently launched a Kickstarter for our new game, Enter The Arena. Enter The Arena is a fast paced, strategy card game where a combination of strength, wits, and cunning are necessary for survival and to achieve...
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    Enter The Arena - A gladiator themed, strategy card game!

    Hi everybody! Should you not know me, my name is Jonathan, and I've been lurking ENWorld for nearly 8 years now. I've been playing games since I was 3 years old (a good 24 years ago), and playing D&D (and other P&P RPGs) for 14 years. I have decided to start a career for myself creating that...
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    Mighty Crossbows?

    I am considering introducing Mighty versions of Crossbows into my current PF game. It seems like a logical counterpart to the Mighty Bows that are already in existence, and would conceptually work just as well with increasing the draw power on a crossbow. Has anyone house-ruled these Mighty...
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    Question regarding Grab and Constrict

    Many creatures have the abillity to start a free grapple as part of their attack (Grab). A good portion of those have the constrict abillity that does additional damage on a successful grapple check. Many of these types of creatures are low level, like the Darkmantle and the Assassin Vine. Does...
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    Can zombies (whom can only do a single move action or attack action per round) take a 5-ft-step? If not, can they be endlessly 5-ft-step kited by an PC?
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    A question regarding a previous Thread

    A few weeks ago (maybe a month or two, I can't recall) there were two threads posted regarding a module. I have been attempting to find it for the past two days, but the saved pages in this Section as well as the 3.5 Rules Section don't go far back enough to find the threads I am looking for...
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    Mechanics of a box full of Alchemist Fire

    Heres the scenario: A PC is on the roof of a 30ft tall building, with a box/crate full of alchemist fire in hand. 30ft below him, is a Dire Bear. The PC dumps out the box of Fire onto the large Dire Bear. How should the mechanics of this scenario work? Would you roll to hit with each Fire...
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    Reach and AOO's

    I'm sure this has been discussed many times before, but I do not have access to the search function. A fighter in our campaign has a spiked chain, with combat expertise, improved trip, combat reflexes, the works, in order to control the local battlefield with AoO's and trips. As far as I...
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    4E So why does the 4e DMG costs the same as PHB?

    No kidding. I love paying $180 for one textbook that I'll only use for 3 months. LOVE it.
  13. RithTheAwakener

    4E Call a kender a kender? What should 4E "halflings" be called?

    As far as I've heard, the only resemblence the Halflings have to Kender is the tendancy towards kleptomania. If this is the case, they should not be called anything another than Halflings, as they still seem to retain the qualities of the "traditional" halfing. However, I'm very happy that they...
  14. RithTheAwakener

    4E AC exists in 4e... but do Reflex Saves?

    That could get really fun with Disintegrate. "He casts Disinegrate.. your character dies, tear up your character sheet please". *edit: This is me assuming all saves will be done like the static reflex save*