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    WOIN NEW diseases and linked conditions

    The "debilitated" wording is a holdover from the v1.1 Nausea Status Track. (Queasy/Sick/Nauseated/Debilitated) "Nauseated" had the PC spending one action vomiting, and "Debilitated" increased that to both actions. 1.2 pared the Status Tracks down to a smaller set of two-tiered conditions. So...
  2. RobJN

    WOIN NEW diseases and linked conditions

    Radiation inflicts the "SICK" condition. (p. 174) Also listed on the "Environments" chart, p. 183
  3. RobJN

    General Rank these starting adventures

    See also: the meat-grinder that is B5
  4. RobJN

    General Rank these starting adventures

    Voted "Against the Cult of the Reptile God," mostly because the very solid meat and potatoes, "rescue the princess cleric, save the village" B11: King's Festival wasn't in the running.
  5. RobJN

    5E WotC Dungeons & Dragons 2020 Product Survey

    In going through which classic treatments WotC has used (Giants? Check. Dragons? Check Ravenloft? Check Drow/Underdark? Check), I've had a Temple of the Frog/City of the Gods/Barrier Peaks/Tale of the Comet mashup on the wish list for years, now.....
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    Worlds of Design: The Lost Art of Running Away

    This is why you have a gnome or two in the party.:p
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    General Did D&D Die with TSR?

    Seems like someone needs to listen to the "Five Generations of Designers" Garycon panel, that was on the Plot Points Podcast: (cool, didn't know it'd embed the podcast stream thingie in there!)
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    General Worldbuilding and the (Technology) Progress Levels of Alternity & D20 Future

    Early-PL Alternity makes for an awesome, gritty game.
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    Background music playlists

    Various flavors of Hans Zimmer, Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, Yoko Kanno, Yuki Kajiura, Hiroyuki Sawano, Keiji Inai....
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    WOIN WOIN questions

    I would run PSI/MAG/CHI as separate stats: your character would need to expend experience a-la-carte or take a career that advances the relevant attribute.
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    5E Is Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden the New D&D Adventure?

    I liked the other title: "Icicles and Shite"
  12. RobJN

    General What are the "dead settings" of D&D?

    The Piazza paints a slightly different picture of the "alive-ness" of some of these settings...
  13. RobJN

    General Do people like re-skinning?

    I'm pretty sure it's required that you re-color your monster if you add hit dice, add to damage, or change a property of an attack ;)
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    General Who's your villain?

    Bargle. Con man, swindler, thief, murderer... and those are his better qualities. He is currently on the run, after having stolen the Black Opal Eye, and Fire Opal Eyes of Traldar for some (no doubt) nefarious purpose.
  15. RobJN

    General Easter and D&D

    RUN AWAY!! (armor soiling optional)