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    5E Single Session Adventure Recommendations Please!

    Any suggestions for great single session adventures? 1st level characters please. It's likely for D&D rookies who will be somewhere between 4th and 7th grade. Not too worried about them being kids, I can always adjust the content and story if it's too extreme. So please, don't hold back. Give...
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    Curse of Strahd Advice

    The adventure has some many rich encounters and side quests. Any DMs out there that can suggest which ones to drop? Drop none? Let me know, seems like the PCs can lost out there in a sea of encounters. They are looking for the tome and the sword, etc. but there's so much to do beyond that.
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    UA WotC's Mearls Presents A New XP System For 5E In August's Unearthed Arcana

    You're probably right... Sadly, there are players that would. Many of them play in my group. :(
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    The PCs approach a room with a door. What does the door look like? What's it made of? Does it open in or out? Where are the hinges? Can I look under it? Can I look in a key hole? There are many, many doors in a dungeon - adventure - campaign. I can't take time to describe them all. I...
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    2E Leveling Up in 2E

    I grew up on 2E and DM'ed one campaign to the point where most of the characters were levels 7 and 8. I felt like once they reached that point however the XP required to get to level 9 was just a massive amount and prohibitive. If I remember correctly a PC had to collect something like all the...
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    5E Dragonlance 5E

    Anyone heard anything about Dragonlance getting a 5E reboot? Temple of Elemental Evil, Ravenloft... seems it's time in 2016 or 2017 for Dragonlance. The original adventure path, while not the greatest modules, seem perfect for what WOTC likes to do now.