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Recent content by Slit518

  1. Slit518

    D&D 5E What do you want out of crafting rules?

    I don't recall 5e's crafting rules, but, it depends on the overall game system. If it is a casual system, maybe a casual approach to crafting, "gold + time." If it is a more in-depth system, "items + time."
  2. Slit518

    D&D General What do I do with a Player who doesn't care about the actual game?

    Easy, don't play with them. Don't invite them to future games. If everyone else is having fun, and you have tried to make it so this player can have fun, even talking to them about what would make it fun for them, tried those things, and none of it works for you or the group, just drop them.
  3. Slit518

    D&D 5E What is a Short Rest vs a Long Rest?

    I'm taking a Short Rest right now! :ROFLMAO:
  4. Slit518

    D&D 5E What is a Short Rest vs a Long Rest?

    First, let me start by saying, "Yes, I know what they are mechanically." But, what does it mean in-game terms? For me, I see it this way (we will use real world time to make the explanation easier and more universal), we will say for the sake of argument, the average adventuring day is 12-16...
  5. Slit518

    D&D General What have you done with Orcs in your games?

    The Orcs when I generally run them have their own civilizations. They look like the Uruk-hai of the LotR films (my goblins look like the Orcs of Moria). Orcs range, just like humans. A lot of their territories are tribal, but, they do have some that aren't. A lot of Orcs the players encounter...
  6. Slit518

    D&D General Name your favorite 4 person party composition.

    Use any iteration of Dungeons & Dragons -- with that in mind, name your favorite 4 person party composition. For me it would have to be: Human Bard Half-Orc Barbarian; Human Paladin Any Rogue Human Sorcerer
  7. Slit518

    D&D General Would You Take This Deal?

    No, I wouldn't want to run around with barely any hit points just to deal 2d8 + X damage, assuming it is a longsword. Or heck, even 4d6 if it is a greatsword.
  8. Slit518

    D&D General What editions of Dungeons & Dragons do you like?

    Which edition(s) of Dungeons & Dragons did you like. Starting with 1st and going forward, and include any spin-offs if you wish, but please list and explain them. Fell free to choose as many answers that apply to you!
  9. Slit518

    D&D 5E 20th level Wizard vs the World

    What about creatures such as dragons, beholders, umber hulks, Tarrasque, etc?
  10. Slit518

    Scheduling Thread for the IRON DM 2020 Tournament!

    Terribly sorry I have not gotten back to you, I have been real busy and only check this site once-in-a-while.
  11. Slit518

    D&D 5E What is the difference between D&D 5e and the SRD 5.1?

    Okay, so SRD 5.1 is just a patched version of the usual SRD. For some reason I thought it may of been a fan thing with some customs snuck in. Glad you all cleared that up, thanks!
  12. Slit518

    D&D 5E What is the difference between D&D 5e and the SRD 5.1?

    What is the SRD 5.1 and what makes it different than D&D 5e? Any improvements?
  13. Slit518

    D&D 5E Best Class Plus Race Level 1

    I am going to throw my hat in the circle with either a Human or Half-Elf Bard. Bards are pretty versatile as is, the Half-Elf gets some good bonuses through stats, skills, and having Darkvision. The Human having either a +1 to all stats and a Bonus Language or the Variant with the +1 to 2...
  14. Slit518

    D&D General Naming the Barbarian? [added battlerager]

    For years, before 5e came out I had Barbarian as a background as opposed to a class.
  15. Slit518

    D&D General Naming the Barbarian? [added battlerager]

    I want to say, since I am part Scandinavian and we are known to have the Berserker warrior, I favor the Berserker. I always felt the Barbarian was too broad of a brush that didn't fit what was trying to be accomplished. The Rage the Barbarian goes into that reduces their damage and makes them...