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    D&D General DM's: How transparent are you with game mechanics "in world?"

    We all tend to express things in game mechanics around the table--everybody enjoys the nuts and bolts of it. But if the GM has a different interpretation of something, or decides to houserule it on the fly, that becomes the new mechanic. For that session at least.
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    My First Game: Top Secret/SI

    I enjoyed this game a great deal. Maybe Victory Games's James Bond 007 RPG was more innovative, but Top Secret: SI had a solid, dependable system that ran fast and smooth. A great improvement over its somewhat clunky predecessor, which was my first roleplaying game. TSR's other historical...
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    Revolutions are Always Verbose: Effecting Change in the TTRPG Industry

    "...to each according to his need."
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    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Shipwrecked, here come zombies, RUN!
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    Do you modify/write-in your game books?

    Write in a book?! If I or my filth-fingered players have been eating pizza or nachos, nobody can even TOUCH the book. Maybe I'll throw a stickynote in there, if I'm feeling daffy.
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    Come With Me If You Want To Live! The Terminator Kickstarter Has Launched!

    "Eyepatch, please don't shoot the boss in the nuts. Thanks."
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    D&D General What do I do with a Player who doesn't care about the actual game?

    Masterful satire, my dear fellow. Bravo!
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    Slow news day, huh?

    I want to check this out, but I really need to catch up on the '10 Things You Didn't Know About Return of the Jedi' first. Otherwise I'll be baffled.
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    Pathfinder for Savage Worlds - Kickstarter home stretch

    And now, at the two hour mark, it's over $400K. Everything's unlocked.
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    D&D General Iron Gods/Expedition to the Barrier Peaks: What Sci-Fi theme would you go with?

    I'd go straight Jack Kirby New Gods style: larger-than-life good aliens trying to protect this primitive fantasy world from the villainous machinations of evil robots. Don't forget the on-the-nose names, like Prince Virtuon, Lord Sreelheart, Whiz-Kid, Wylde Dogg, etc.
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    Pathfinder for Savage Worlds - Kickstarter home stretch

    I could live without the bookmarks and ribbons, but I’d sure like that adventure generator and those extra adversary cards...
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    A Savage Pathfinder Q&A

    Yeah, that thing's bad news. The damage inflicted by its Hellfire Breath (5d6!) could be a party-killer all by itself, not to mention the debilitating curse it inflicts. I feel bad for my Seasoned PCs who're gonna have to face it some moonless night on a windswept shore. Yeah, just awful...
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    Is The One Ring 2E Kickstarter going to break the records?

    Looks like they’re forging something... precious.
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    A Savage Pathfinder Q&A

    I’m glad to see CR left out. A good idea, but it never seemed to do what I wanted it to. I have more faith in the GM Eyeball.
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    A Savage Pathfinder Q&A

    Great info; thanks for sharing. I’m in as a backer, and I’m looking forward to trying the system changes out on my table of Pathfinder/D&D 5E fans, to see how it stacks up.