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    Subclasses should start at 1st level

    Here's another possibility: Make subclasses at higher than 1 BUT make them all have requirements that one could take at level 1. As many subclass possibilities may overlap in their initial features, this opens up a bit of breathing room, lets people embark on a subclass "path" at level 1, and...
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    D&D 5E Is there a spell to control a volcano so that it is permanently active?

    So many try to accomplish a task within a single high level casting, but many castings of low-mid level spells combined with geological knowledge (possibly divined through spells as well) might also get the job done. If one can figure out the natural magma flows, redirection might be possible...
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    Subclasses should start at 1st level

    Not everyone starts their campaigns at 1st level though nor is it required to start a campaign at 1st level so it begs the question of whether it really matters if subclasses are started sooner or later; personally, I think it should really depend on the class on a case-by-case basis if the...
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    D&D General How would the earl react to the news that he unknowingly refused to let his son marry a future queen?

    The Earl is relieved since his greatest secret is having a past tryst with the mother of the future Queen, making the heir the half-sibling of his son. The Earl is somewhat elated knowing that the future Queen bears his family's blood. The Earl is anxious about anyone learning of his...
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    D&D 5E How do you time your level-ups?

    Level between sessions to maximize actual play time during sessions. Arbitrary leveling depending on when it feels right in the campaign. If somebody wants the group to level up regardless of story progress sure we can discuss it, but bringing it up with at least a few days' notice is required...
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    A Mechwarrior: Destiny Review

    Mechwarrior/Battletech is one of those properties that I think should have a set of three core rulebooks instead of one, due to the complexity factors of having mechs and space ships in play. heads back to attaching an Orion mech's head onto a Hatchetman's body
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    D&D General How much trouble are the Slave catchers in for taking A 4 year old Crown Prince whose mother was A Escaped Slave?, which legally makes him a slave

    An important factor to consider: Do the King and Queen have command of spies and assassins? This can greatly affect how things turn out in the campaign.
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    D&D 5E How do you time your level-ups?

    Between sessions instead of during means more time during sessions to play the game.
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    D&D 5E The Weakest Spells in 5e - The Quick Fix

    I wrote "at least after early levels", which would include mid levels. Adding high risk, high reward consumable options in a progressive manner from early to high levels would give True Strike more than just a narrow niche. It would fit many different themes, as this is not just about damage on...
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    D&D 5E The Weakest Spells in 5e - The Quick Fix

    True Strike shines when there are more non-cantrip attack roll spells and consumable attack roll items in play. Unfortunately, in the base game (at least after early levels), there's a general lack of viable non-cantrip attack roll spells and consumable attack roll items. If more non-cantrip...
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    D&D 5E Lightning Bolt should be better.

    It's worth noting that spells are balanced with PC use in mind rather than monster use against PCs. It's because there's a significant amount in difference in how PCs and monsters are built. This is why spell damage should be tweaked when a monster uses it, to fit in line with the guidelines in...
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    Broken Weave Is A Tragic Fantasy Setting From Cubicle 7

    Psionics and Lovecraftian horrors invading in the absence of gods to stop them would go a long way to making this setting immersive.
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    D&D 5E Who Are the Thri-Kreen?

    Beware the legions of Tum, mightiest of the Scro.
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    D&D General Monsters of the Ethereal Plane

    The existence of Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound implies the existence of Mordenkainen's Pretty Kitty.
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    Spelljammer Spelljammer Academy: Get Free Spelljammer Adventures From D&D Beyond

    Well, it really depends on how the writer approaches the circumstances of the awakening imo. Making a journey a dream but not making the events within it meaningless in the aftermath of waking up is possible. Whether a writer has the ability to make things work after trying so however may be...