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    5E Monk Tortle

    either take the tortle AC, or take the monk AC. use the higher of the two.
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    5E Telegraphing Attacks

    some systems already do this- the slowest initiative declares their action first, and the fastest last. then actions try to resolve. I dont think it would work very well for D&D however, as a slow fighter would see his declared target run away too often, and make things less heroic. it would...
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    3E/3.5 problem spells in 3.5

    spells that are actual problems- Summon Monster VII+, used to summon a djinni. the summoned creature has major creation 1/day with vegetable matter summoned being permanent. CL is 20, resulting in 20 cubic feet of the vegetable matter created. on the commodities list in the PHB, Saffron...