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    Payette, Idaho, seeking players 5e or OSR game

    Anyone in or near Payette, Idaho that might be interested in playing in a 5th edition D&D or an old school style D&D game? I'm looking at putting together a weekly game.
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    Crazy rumor: Nintendo buying D&D or WotC, please debunk or confirm

    As usual with posts or comments on FaceBook, this rumor was put forward without any citation. I asked the commenter to provide links to the information and was told he checked his sources and confirmed the info, no link provided. I thought it might be worth coming here to get info to counter the...
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    How do you use your Dwarven Forge Gaming Tiles?

    I mostly build my own dungeons/caverns. I have used them to replicate module maps, though I often have had to accept some differences between the tiles setup and the printed maps.
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    5E Color me baffled - attack bonus in Next

    I'll admit it, I have not been paying too much attention to the playtest documents for a long time. I'm now skimming the final public playtest packet and getting confused about attack bonus for the classes. Unless I am missing something (very likely) then it appears that a fighter and a mage of...
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    Kickstarter Anyone supporting the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter

    If you are just starting with it then the difference is simply one of which looks better to you. Functionally the unpainted work fine and will cost less once they are in regular production. For someone that already has painted ones (like me) I want some of both so I can expand my painted...
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    Kickstarter Realm Works Kickstarter Launches – Transform Campaign Management!

    According to the Kickstarter and their website, Realm Works will launch in July regardless since the major stuff is done and works. They want to hire some extra help getting some additional features working before launch.
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    Kickstarter Realm Works Kickstarter Launches – Transform Campaign Management!

    They just announced to supporters that they have added some goodies from the folks at Gnome Stew to the rewards. Three different products will be loaded into the software and backers will get them with their download of the software. You also may want to ask the guys at Wolf Lair these...
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    Kickstarter Realm Works Kickstarter Launches – Transform Campaign Management!

    I jumped in a few days ago and have been emailing friends about it and posted about it on my magic blog of limited readership. :)
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    Playtest report and pages of thoughts.

    Since I have a bunch of stuff showing the thought process before playtest and the playtest description followed by the after play discussion and thoughts, I think it would be easier to just point to the pages on my blog where they are. The Dice Are A Lie However, here is the crux of where I...
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    Help me find a spell on EN World forums.

    Several years back someone posted a spell named Petal Rain on the forums. If it didn't get eaten in a server tranfer can you good people help me locate it? My search so far keeps leading to the Story hour forum, but I don't have time to read through to see if it is actually there. Thanks!
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    Thought excersize: A nod to history what do we put in the books.

    Here's an idea that can be discussed without edition warring and it can be fun to think about. If we are determining what goes in the opening salvo of products, what do we put in them if we are giving a nod to the hostory of the game. Example: A beginners Basic box - Do we keep it similar to...
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    5E 5e, some thoughts.

    Currently we have very little information to go on about how 5e will work. However, with what little we have heard, it sounds to me as if the designers are making an honest effort to take the best elements of the various editions and make them work together so that people liking various styles...
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    Labyrinth Lord, sandbox style, Frederick, Maryland

    The Lost Baronies of Lendore Isle: Uses the Labyrinth Lord retro clone of the Moldvay/Cook Basic/Expert books from 1981. (see link below) The game takes place at my home in Frederick so that my supply of props and materials is at hand. Meet twice a month, first and third Saturday 1pm start...
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    Celebrity D&D - redux

    There have been a number of threads over the years regarding who one would want to play D&D with. I've really had a difficult time cioming to a clear decision, until now. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May of the UK version of Top Gear. Without a doubt these guys would likely get...
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    4E What should the next new official campaign setting for 4e be like?

    Skimming through this thread got me thinking that we don't need a new setting. What we could really use is abbreviated setting ideas that can then be added to and expanded on. Something to feed the idea mill for DMs and players alike. They can easily do something like this in Dungeon and...