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    Media Dungeon of the Mad Mage podcast

    A friend of mine has a DotMM weekly podcast on Twitch, it's live now. Come check it out if you feel like it! https://www.twitch.tv/thegildedtroll
  2. Trainz

    Move Object Damage

    Hello, In Star Wars Saga, the description of the Move Object power is listed as thus: UTF Roll 15: Medium Creature (2d6 Damage) UTF Roll 20: Large Creature (4d6 Damage) UTF Roll 25: Huge Creature (6d6 Damage) What happens if I pick up a Storm Trooper (Medium) and slam him against the ceiling...
  3. Trainz

    Epic Feat: Shared Healing (DP) question

    The Shared Healing feat in Divine Power p. 143 says: "When you use a power that allows an ally to spend a healing surge, you can instead have that ally regain hit points as if he or she had spent a healing surge[...]" Do the bonuses that a cleric usually has (Healer's Implement, Healing Armor...
  4. Trainz

    What magic items would you suggest for a radiant weapon wielder?

    I just turned 22nd level and decided to re-tweak my snowman bow elven ranger. I replaced his frost bow with a radiant bow. Obviously I'm looking at the Gifts Of The Queen (AV2 p. 115) item set, especially the Ring from that set, but I think I'll only get the ring. What other magic items...
  5. Trainz

    My snowman ranger is now epic...

    I've been playing an elven ranger "snowman" (wintertouched/lasting frost) for all my paragon tier. I have to admit in the last levels of it, it was complicated to deal with many critter's cold res. I've heard that the snowman isn't popular at epic play. If so, what alternatives are there? I...
  6. Trainz

    Tac Lord, Inspiring Word, and Battle Inspiration...

    All right, here goes: I play a 16th level taclord. With my PP, now that I'm 16 when I do inspiring word on an ally (and I can use Inspiring Word 4 times per encounter), he can spend a healing surge, make a save at +2, have a +7 movement until the end of my next turn, and have a +7 on all his...
  7. Trainz

    Daily class powers and levels

    From this thread: http://www.enworld.org/forum/5053041-post11.html I was under the impression that you HAD to take a power of the new level. If this is the case, is it thus possible to take twice the same power?
  8. Trainz

    D&D 4E How to Build 4E Solo Adventures?

    Just pit the soloist against encounters 4 levels below her. This way the rate of advancement will be roughly the same, the critters will roughly have a -4 to hit, and the player will roughly have a +4 to hit. The soloist will thus be able to withstand attacks more, and also use potions and...
  9. Trainz

    Replacing PP powers for class powers

    Page 28 of the PH stipulates under RETRAINING that you can't replace a PP power for a regular power, but when you reach, say, 13th level and you replace a lower level encounter power for a 13th level encounter power, can you replace the encounter power you gained with your PP at 11th level for a...
  10. Trainz

    Seeking Magic Item that ignores cover

    I know there's gloves that allows an archer to ignore cover, but I had to trade them in for another (better) pair of gloves. Besides weapons, arm slots, hand slots, or armor slots, are there other items that ignore cover as a property?
  11. Trainz

    Teleportation and prone

    This has come up more than once in our games. If an eladrin is prone and then teleports, can he arrive at his destination standing up? Or MUST he be prone and then spend another move action to get up?
  12. Trainz

    Interactive Dungeon has moved

    Greetings, Because Geocities is closing, I have moved the site for Interactive Dungeon. You can find the site at: Interactive Dungeon V2.0 Thank you.
  13. Trainz

    What about negative stat modifiers?

    I perused the books, and I might have missed it, but what about negative stat scores? For example, If I have 16 Dex (+3) and 8 Int (-1), I will obviously go with Dex for my Reflex defense (and AC bonus), but am I penalized with my low Int, for a net bonus on AC and Ref of +2 (+3 -1)? If not...
  14. Trainz

    D&D 4E How does 4E hold up on verisimilitude?

    Verisimilitude isn't realism, it is consistency within it's own given premise. Yes, there is more verisimilitude in 4th ed than in 3rd.
  15. Trainz

    D&D 4E 4E Liker - anything you worry about?

    Well to be honest, the paragon paths excerpt has shown many powers that don't require book-keeping like "until the end of your next turn" or "until a save is made" and very few involving the MARKING procedure so, based on that, my hopes are starting to rise a little bit again. For me it's...