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    5E Unearthed Arcana Subclasses Part III: Artificer, Druid, and Ranger

    Hmm... Artificer... Purge the Heretics...
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    5E Off hand grappling?

    Sorry this was meant to be a 5e question
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    5E Off hand grappling?

    If a character grapples someone with the on hand and fails, can they bonus action to grapple off handed? I am assuming so based on the wording of the off hand attack. If so, do they suffer a loss of stat bonus when using the off hand? I know they do normally for damage, but is there any penalty...
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    5e Hardcore: Monster Manual

    The young black dragon multi-attack refers to Frightful presence that it doesn't have.
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    5E Undermountain Concept Art Spotted

    I have to derail your thread a bit because I have discovered a conspiracy. I think you are a secret agent *actually* promoting the Rod of 7 parts, by disguising it as an undermountain post. How you ask? let me show you. You have posted 4 times, 3 of which were on dates numbered with a 7. Then...
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    5E Out of the Abyss Advice Requested

    This isn't true at all. The prison break is not a fight scene. A level 1, or level 5 party will be slaughtered if they try to do this as a combat on the face of it. This complex in full battle status is a deadly encounter for 4 5th level characters, let alone 4 1st levels. 5 Elite Warriors...
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    5E Legendary actions... should it be 3?

    Based on the concept of Legendary actions, should it most likely be based on the number of PC's in the fight vs just a fixed number such as 3? For example, a creature with legendary actions against 2 PC's would get 1 legendary in theory... but against 10 PC's would get 3. Should this scale...
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    5E Out of the Abyss- Post your pre-set encounters *Spoilers*

    I ran one with the green hag specifically. She had taken the shape of a young female drow, shapely but in rags. She was a lonely source of light on a small island within the darkness. The party approached hoping to find help in the waters as they drifted. When they arrived the drow told them...
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    5E Expanding out of the Abyss to level 20+

    I have a few months before I am starting a semi-customized campaign of Out of the Abyss. I am looking to expand the game out to level 20+ (Epic Boons, etc). For anyone that has completed running it... what are some ideas for how you would further expand the story line? What ideas do you have for...
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    5E Revising a few feats for balance in my home game - Thoughts?

    I am looking at a few of the feats that I see that stand out as exceptionally weak, or exceptionally strong and trying to pair them back to a more balanced baseline. I would very much like to get some feedback / ideas on these if there are other options you can think of or others I might be...
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    5E Dealing with rogue solo burglaring in town

    I think I would just use something along these lines: PDF of the same thing: Quick and Dirty Thieving Tables It would be very easy to define out the Very Bad or the guards, but this leaves it more free form. Additionally, This could take whatever amount of time the DM thinks. I generally...
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    Mini-novel/game journal

    The_Bear from another forum has been writing our game journal in novel format. So far I have compiled almost one game session worth and it is about 30 pages in length. Rather than post the entire thing here, I am going to link to the file that contains it :) Would love to hear some feedback...
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    A new, gaming News site up.

    Just wanted to let people know that I have revamped my old website and turned it into a full fledged news site. If you are looking for forums with a little less traffic, or a site with a slightly different focus on news come on over. It is currently focused on d20/3e as well as Mutants and...
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    Monster Shopper

    While I haven't updated it in a while, it does seem to get a fair amount of use daily. One of several requests I have gotten was to include hit point averages so I am now caculating these into the stat blocks for creatures. The next big thing I am working on is adding Creature Collection 2, I...
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    Patching PDF's...

    I have seen now a couple of pdf publishers that basically patch their releases at later dates... anyone have any idea how this is done? I have created a fairly forms intensive PDF character sheet with a ton of auto-calculations in it... but now that I have done a lot of fixes and updates to...