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    Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: Soulbound: Starter Set PDF Coming Monday

    I'm definately looking forward to it. I paint Age of Sigmar-miniatures and love diving into lore of the worlds I engage with. Age of Sigmar had a difficult / mismanaged launch back in 2015 and one of the things people didn't like about it was the lack of any real lore or background information...
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    Three new feats, please critique

    GIANTSLAYER Your experience fighting giants have netted you the following benefits: • Increase your Strength or Constitution by 1, up to a maximum of 20. • You gain a +1 AC bonus against large, huge and gargantuan enemies. • You score a critical hit against large, huge and gargantuan...
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    UA Unearthed Arcana: Revenant Subrace, Monster Hunter, and Inquisitive

    The fighter archetype is so generic that I'm falling asleep just reading it.
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    5E Gen Con is in full swing: Anyone seen Out of the Abyss?

    So, I think (suspect?) that Wizards were supposed to show off Out of the Abyss at Gen Con. At least parts of it. Did anyone get the adventure? Did anyone play parts of the adventure? Are there more details?
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    Five new feats: Please critique

    I wanted to make some new feats for my campaign. When making these feats, I wanted them to be useful along the lines of Polearm Mastery and other, similar strong feats in the PHB. What do you think? Are some overpowered? Underpowered? Too specific? Too generic? UNDEAD HUNTER You have spent...
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    5E I love 5E

    I have no reason to post this thread other than a euphoric feeling of pure D&D-ness. I absolutely adore 5E. I love the overall design, I love the release schedule (4-5 books a year, maybe one story-focused splatbook every 6 months), I love the classic D&D flavor, the simplicity and the speed of...
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    Trinkets and Relics

    These are some magical items I made for my homebrewed campaign. When I'm writing this, the DMG is not out yet. There may some slight changes to the items when I get the DMG. GLITTERLUST, DAGGER +1 Rarity Unique; Slot Hand; Weight 1 lb. Description Glitterlust belonged to Franz von Adelmaner...
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    5E Nonmagical arrows and magic bows

    Hey, I've got a quick rules question. Do nonmagic arrows fired from a magical bow count as being magical for the purpose of bypassing a monster's resistance to nonmagical weapons?
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    5E A quick question for owners of the Monster Manual

    In a few past editions, Wraiths and similar creatures had the power to create new Wraiths (and those new Wraiths could create even more). From a simulation-perspective, this would lead to the world being overrun with Wraiths. What are the rules on Wraiths? Do they create entirely new wraiths...
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    Any cool homebrewed worlds out there?

    So, with 5E out I'm itching to start a new campaign. One of the most fun aspects of doing that is brewing a world (or at least a starting area). Do you guys know of any cool sites with homebrewed worlds? I'm not looking for rules, just fluff and maybe some maps and pictures.
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    5E Strength, Intelligence and Charisma saving throws

    So, quite a few people have a copy of the Player's Handbook and we've seen lots of monsters, some in Hoard of the Dragon Queen, some in Lost Mine of Phalander and a lot in the updated Basic Rules. My pet peeve with 5E (which I otherwise adore), is the lost opportunity to use the Strength...
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    5E The lack of "trap" choices in 5E

    There is supposed to be far fewer trap choices in 5E than in previous editions. But I noticed one thing about the feat "Resilient". You get to become proficient with a saving throw (also an attribute bonus, I think it was either Str or Con). The thing is, if a player chooses to become proficient...
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    5E Armour check penalties

    Hey, just a quick question: Are there armour check penalties in 5E? Can a man in full plate swim just as easily as a man that's not wearing armour?
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    Why has WotC stopped posting on ENWorld?

    I remember back in the day when people working at WoTC posted here, answering people's questions, teasing with snippets from a forthcomming book, etc. Scott Rouse (former D&D brandmanager, fondly known as "The Rouse") was especially active. Has it to do with Twitter? Or the constant edition-wars...
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    5E Human racial bonus in 5E

    It has been a while since I was involved in the playtest. One thing I never really liked was the human racial bonus: One attribute score increases by 2 and all others by 1. Has this been changed? Have some of the designers said something about this?