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    A Mixed Bag Of Horror And Delight In The Fall Of Delta Green

    As a fan of Apocalypse Now and this game, I'm going to say yes. There's rules for military hardware, drugs and drug addiction, and several ways a character can disintegrate psychologically: breaking the bonds that keep them tethered to the normal, sane world, coming apart in the moment (losing...
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    Who To Follow In Tabletop RPGs On Twitter; Twitter 10th Anniversary Edition

    Pelgrane also has dedicated accounts for Night's Black Agents, Trail of Cthulhu, and TimeWatch RPGs. You can also follow: Simon Rogers, co-founder and joint owner of Pelgrane Press, and co-owner of ProFantasy Software Ltd. and The Noteboard. Cat Tobin, Managing Director and co-owner of...
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    13th Age: what would you like to see next?

    You'll be interested in 13th Age Glorantha, then! The convention adventures are drawn from 13th Age organized play, which will definitely continue once the current season is wrapped up. Kobold Press recently published my convention adventure The Wreck of Volund's Glory, which some of you might...
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    13th Age coming to Glorantha

    Did you see Rob Heinsoo's blog post (the first of several planned) talking about what 13G will add to the game for non-Glorantha campaigns? He shared a bit about the Earth Priestess class, and powers that are tied to icon relationships.
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    13th Age coming to Glorantha

    It's a 13th Age compatible supplement, and requires the core rules to play.
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    13 True Ways and 13th Age Bestiary releases incoming!

    Simon Rogers just confirmed it via @13thAge on Twitter. Such great news.
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    Anybody know when the Bestiary will be out in hard copy?

    Once Cat got back from Origins she went full owlbear on getting a status report from the printer, and found out what's been going on. Contrary to Pelgrane's instructions, they didn't send the books out to Pelgrane's warehouses in early June. Now that this misunderstanding been cleared up, the...
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    Anybody know when the Bestiary will be out in hard copy?

    Yep! As of June 6 the layout was halfway done. If you follow 13th Age on Twitter and G+, I post links whenever there's news.
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    Anybody know when the Bestiary will be out in hard copy?

    In the April Page XX, Simon announced that it was at the printers and on track for a mid-June release. Once a book is at the printer there's not going to be much news unless something goes horribly wrong.
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    13th Age questions

    For backgrounds, here's some helpful reading: Is “good at everything” a background in 13th Age? Why being a Magical Bird Turned Into An Elf is as mechanically robust as being Literally Batman
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    How to create NPCs?

    Yep, treat them as monsters -- either reskin an existing monster and its abilities, or build it from scratch. I highly, highly recommend reading the Monster Creation chapter of the 13th Age Bestiary, which walks you through the creation of an evil fire wizard.
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    D&D 4E 4e/13thA immersion question and 5e/13thA DoaM question

    Here's a potential take on roleplaying the 13th Age cleric, arrived at by watching the cleric in the campaign I run: When you choose to play a cleric, you're stepping into the role of someone with responsibilities to others: to a god (or gods), a religion, and -- as The Guy Who Buffs and Heals...
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    Homebrew Campaign World

    I love this SO much. Thank you for sharing it. Would you mind if I posted it to the 13th Age blog? If I may, let me know how you'd like me to credit you.
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    Icon rolls - improv tool or player freebie?

    They do serve as both a player benefit and improv tool. Rob Heinsoo has great advice onusing icon rolls in play in this video interview with Mike Shea. A few things: "Benefit" doesn't usually mean gold or magic items. Icons and their organizations are a resource the players draw on during play...
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    How Does Half Elf "Surprising" Benefit a Character?

    There's an explanation in the "Players" sidebar at the bottom of that same page: