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    Watch This Video About SWORD COAST LEGENDS Campaign Creation

    I am wondering if they are going to make the option to create new maps and etc part of a "revenuized" option. Pay for the feature kind of thing...
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    Review of Way of the Wicked (Book Two: Call Forth Darkness) by Fire Mountain Games

    This sounds very interesting, I plan on adding it to my subscriptions from Paizo. Unfortunately , I will have to convert the content to 4th Ed because my gaming group uses that system instead ( I have tried to get them to try 3.5 again - they just don't like it or Paizo's variant)
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    Monte Cook's new RPG: Numenera [UPDATED]

    Hey , I would love to see a youtube video on an actual session or such...
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    How to filter the ENWORLD landing page to not show kick starter

    Is there a way to filter the default enworld landing page to NOT show kick starter projects... whenever I land on this site. The kick starter clutter is really reducing my enjoyment of the site. This all assumes I have cookies enabled and remember me selected for the login options...
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    Top 5 RPGs--Spring 2012

    You can expect sales in the D&D product line to decline similar to sales in iPhones. A new product announcement always kills / slows sales.
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    Cover Art for D&D v3.5 Reprint

    Nice, but I don't play this edition anymore -- so it does not really matter to me.
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    Pathfinder 1E Paizo announces Paizo Game Space

    Are these actual screen images of their tool or mockups? I would love to see a youtube video of this tool in action...
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    Losing Interest in the D&D Next Playtest?

    I agree 100%...
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    Google Statistics on the Edition Wars: D&D & Pathfinder [updated]

    Still need to read the full report, but does it include the online tools and etc that wizards offers? My group uses the D&D tools during play and iplay4e more than printed books now. Each person has a subscription (7 players) and etc...
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    List of non-official D&D style worlds

    Thanks for the info, it looks about right... Seems some of the products are now in PDF format... Also, anyone know of the Official List of worlds that were submitted to Wizards which eventually led to the publishing of Eberron... I remember this "dark" world was one of the submissions....
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    List of non-official D&D style worlds

    I remember there was once a list somewhere on ENWORLD of a list of Worlds created by others that were on the web or published.. I cannot find it and I am looking for a particular person's world where evil had eventually one the battle against good and you had to bury your dead face-down or they...
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    "Plot" is not a four-letter word

    So what "rules light" system would you use to run a game ?? I have played in an Amber game and I remember a system called Theatrix which our group played around with a bit... Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    ZEITGEIST #1: Island at the Axis of the World

    I will not allow me to download from the google docs site from the home page of enworld...
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    Review of Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale by WotC

    Thanks for the review! You have made my mind up to purchase the product. Overall, I have liked the D&D Essentials product line. Now if they can just produce a Geyhawk "like" box set for the world... World of Greyhawk, folio edition (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (9780935696233): Gary...
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    The RPG Paradox

    OMG, you hit it on the head... soooo true...