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    5E Yet another homebrew beastmaster.

    Never been really satisfied by the UA's or original beastmaster, here's scratching my itch, my son's "allowing" me to play test this in his upcoming Eberron campaign, would love feedback. Beast Master: Level 3: Primal Bond You have been able to magically bond with a primal spirit of a...
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    My Beastmaster class

    I'd love to get some feedback on my beast-master archetype. The latest ranger arcana really rubbed me raw, as it really avoided the whole beastmaster thing. I also think the other phb5e ranger archetype is fine as-is. Read it at this link: Beast Master (google docs) updated: beast uses...
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    Great One Pact: Cyc, Infinite trans-planar Hypercube, the Allrecord

    So I'm playing a warlock ( bladepact, starting fighter 1 then multiclass warlock ftw) My character rolled up the trinket, a weightless cube... after a lot of physics discussion ( a weightless cube with mass of 4kg will slowly rise due to buoyancy effects ) I decided to incorporate the trinket...
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    5E 5 e sailing speeds

    So with my Swashbuckling Sailor Warlock PC, I was looking into sailing speeds. The PHB has 2 mph for a sailing ship, which seems quite low. At the url below (sorry , no linky allowed from me) , it says speeds for ancient sailing ranged from a little under 3mph ( < 2 knots ) up to 12 mph (...
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    Better BeastMaster Feats for 5e

    [Edit 1.1, upped savage master from level 12 to level 16 , added wis based penalty to constitution saves for concentration due to swarm attack] So the Ranger Beastmaster seems like a cool concept class, except there doesn't seem to be any kind of progression in the type or beast that one...