5E Yet another homebrew beastmaster.


Never been really satisfied by the UA's or original beastmaster, here's scratching my itch, my son's "allowing" me to play test this in his upcoming Eberron campaign, would love feedback.

Beast Master:

Level 3: Primal Bond
You have been able to magically bond with a primal spirit of a certain species of beast. Choose a beast of level ½ or lower of size medium or less. With an hour long ritual, you can magically transport such a beast to your side and infuse it with it’s primal heritage, enabling it to become your beast companion. If the beast is lower than cr ½, the primal spirit causes it to increase its size by one level, but no larger than medium and to have a minimum of 15 hp. The domestic bond between you and the beast causes the beast to lose any multi-attack, or added poison damage. Your bond is unique and deep, causing you and your beast to be of one heart, one mind, and one soul.

One Heart:
When your beast takes damage, you can move half that damage to yourself, and vice-versa.

One Mind:
Your beast moves on your turn. You can use your bonus action to cause the beast to attack any adjacent creature, or take a dodge, disengage, dash or help action. You may cast spells using your beast as the spells origin.

One Soul:
If your beast falls below 0hp, it immediately dies and the primal spirit exits its body reappearing as an immaterial spirit form of your fallen companion. The primal spirit can still move during battle and occupy any space that you can see. You can use your bonus action to have the primal spirit haunt a creature within 5 feet; The creature makes wisdom saving throw using your spell DC. If it fails, you have advantage against it on your next attack that round. You can spend a 5 minute ritual over the corpse of your fallen beast companion to have the primal spirit revive and rejoin your beast companion.

Level 7: Primal Fury
You become able to call forth the fury of the primal spirit of your beast; Using an action, you can cause your beast to gain one size level, 2 points in Strength, Dexterity and Constitution scores, 10 extra feet of speed and doubles its hitpoints and maximum hitpoints and it gains your choice of
1. Its original multi-attack,
2. Its original poison damage,
3. Doubles its usual attack dice.

The primal fury lasts for 5 minutes or you can use a bonus action to end it, after which the beast returns to its original size, stats and halve’s its hitpoints/max hitpoints. If your beast is a size larger than you during its primal fury, you may mount it using half your move action, and you have disadvantage on rolls that would force you to dismount. If your beast dies, it returns to original form. You may not use primal Fury again until you’ve had a long rest.

Level 11: Linked Fury

You may use the primal fury action twice per long rest; You may share any amount of damage between you and your beast. When you hit a creature in combat, the next attack by your beast against that creature during that round has advantage, and vice-versa. You and your beast may only gain 1 advantage per round in this manner.

Level 15: Awakened Fury

Your beast can assume it’s primal fury form without time limit and any number of times per long rest. If you hit a creature with an attack, and your beast is adjacent, it can use it’s reaction to make a single attack against the same creature.


I definitely like the beast haunting things even after death, useful but not in a way that's too cheesy. However, you should specify if the beast can travel through walls, and if there are any limitations on it (because otherwise I could use it as a ghostly scout?).

When you use primal fury, does +2 str/dex mean an increase in attack rolls for the beast? You should specify.

Also, no "attacks count as magic" for the beast at any point?