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A5E Character Sheet 1.1

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After a few games, I wanted to reorganize the character sheet to better reflect where my eyes are going when I'm trying to resolve whatever comes up. I've tried to move things around to better follow a general scan from the top of the sheet and then left to right as you try to come up with the number you're rolling.

The 1st page is designed to hold reactive information. It's not called out, but I'm planning on inverting the ability scores, with the score in the small box and modifier in the large box. I've found the standard sheet has players scanning in an awkward triangle from abilities, over to skills, back to proficiency, and then occasionally to another sheet for relevant abilities; this should hopefully allow players to scan down, and then to the right to get to the value they're rolling for skills.

Saves/HP/Defenses are off to the right, so players have a consistent place to go when determining the effect of an ability used against them.

The second/third page are designed to give players a menu of available choices in combat, starting with page 2 and adding page 3 as your options overflow the first page. You have movement in the upper left, then actions/bonus actions/reactions scanning down the sheet, with cantrips/weapons and general attack bonuses/DCs as references at the bottom.

I'm imagining you'd fill in the to-hit or DC of each ability, and cross off the irrelevant section. The spell slots/limited use abilities listed up front list everything a 20th level character could have, with the assumption you'd mark off things above your level in some different way than you'd mark expended slots of your current level. Similarly, I imagine you'd ignore movement speeds you don't have.

I'm currently planning on still using the standard spell/inventory pages (maneuvers can probably be listed as individual actions), as this is really optimized for resolving skills checks/taking actions in combat quickly, but if I find something I want to change with those I'll probably add them as well. Death saves have always felt transient enough I haven't felt the need for a permanent section of the sheet to record them.

I've removed the supply tracking section, as I'm thinking a separate journey specific sheet for supply/journey activity modifying abilities is a better place to handle that, but I haven't put that together yet as it hasn't come up directly in my games.
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