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Creature Catalog 2020-08-12

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This is a zip version of the Creature Catalog collection of monster conversions for 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons.

This download will be updated periodically when batches of conversions are completed.

Conversions are still ongoing on the Creature Catalog Forums General Monster Talk hosted by Enworld, and anyone is welcome to join in. We're hoping the webpage version of the Creature Catalog that used to be on this website will eventually return, but have no news when (or if) that will happen.

The creature catalog was originally created by Scott Green who then passed it into the hands of other contributors, most notably the late Eric Jansing.
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Latest updates

  1. Creature Catalog (Download Version) Update 2020-08-12

    Added Mystaran Kraken. Added "Ghostform" special ability to the Seven Swords' Reaper, General...
  2. Creature Catalog (Download Version) Update 2020-04-13

    Added Guardian Juggernaut template together with the Stone Juggernaut, Wicker Juggernaut, Winged...
  3. Creature Catalog (Download Version) Update 2020-03-23

    A minor update that adds the Reave, Arcanus Ape and Wereape (Standard & Dire versions).

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You don't know how long I was looking for giant beaver stats.