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Creature Catalog 2020-08-12

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Added Mystaran Kraken.

Added "Ghostform" special ability to the Seven Swords' Reaper, General, Veiled Maidens, Shadow Walker and Paper Warrior.

Corrected the ship-destroying special abilities of the Balaena, Chont, Gammaroid, Vampire Squid and Super Eel to change a 3.0 reference to 3.5.

Made a few miscellaneous corrections to individual creatures and the Index (see recent entries in Corrections to Monsters in the CC for details.)
Added Guardian Juggernaut template together with the Stone Juggernaut, Wicker Juggernaut, Winged Juggernaut and Wooden Juggernaut plus a revised version of the Statue-that-Walks Stone Colossus.

Added minor corrections to the Dinichthys and Gorgosaurus "Dinosaur" entries.
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A minor update that adds the Reave, Arcanus Ape and Wereape (Standard & Dire versions).
Added a revised version of Rahab the Grey Dragon plus conversions of the Megacerops, Paper Warrior and Trollhound.
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