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Level Up: Official Character Sheet (B/W)

Level Up: Official Character Sheet (B/W) 2021-04-25

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A character sheet is your portal into the game world. As a player, it’s your primary interface, and it’s important that a character sheet be clear and useful. Here’s a look at what Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition’s character sheet looks like.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s four pages. Well, this is ‘advanced’ 5th Edition, and we have new stuff to include — an entire exploration pillar, and a combat maneuver system, for starters! But that’s not all, and eagle-eyed readers will spot other things, for sure!

This is the official Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition character sheet.

See here for a color version.

This is the original 'plain' version of the sheet found in the core rulebooks. The starter box introduced a new 'fancy' version which you can find here.

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Latest reviews

I love the new layout!
Even if I was not playing advanced 5th edition I would still use this template.

Also, I am very interested in the new features of the game. I will definitely be trying this out!
Great initiative