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Zio's ChimeraTool for campaign management

Zio's ChimeraTool for campaign management 22.12.05

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22.12.05: Minor bugfixes, can now export token for map tools fully compatible with Rod takehara’s framework (available at GitHub - rtakehara/5e-Framework: A comprehensive 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Framework for MapTool.) if statblock is correctly built. DD4 version can also export a token that will work with a slightly modified version of the framework.

Map tool is a free VTT take a look if you don't know about it ;) (GitHub - RPTools/maptool: Virtual Tabletop for playing roleplaying games with remote players or face to face.)
Improved random dice roller custom expressions (keep best/lowest X dices, explode)
Corrected some small bugs and made various change I can't remember but the sheet is stable (at least on three of my computers it has been in use without crashes ^^ )

Don't hesitate for request or suggestions ;)
21.07.26: Updated manual, Removed DD3 and PS4 sheets as they won’t be updated anymore!
21.07.22: More minor bugfixes (quite a lot of them!), Can now quickly build a stat block with attacks that can be parsed in combat manager (in “Character Manager”->”Add/Edit tooltip”), new option when reading a random table “e” will try to add an encounter directly on the battle sheet if the data can be read from database (DD5 only, example tables are in “table data” and “subtable data” sheets), Removed PlayerView.xlsm file as it no longer serve a purpose (can be done directly inside the tool with “F1/F2” shortcuts)

Additional note: Can now export stats, picture and name to a PDF character sheet (in French only, template for my character sheets for translation can be found in my other tools here!) but needs acrobat installed on your system to work. That’s why there’s two versions of the DD4/DD5 sheets, if the PDF version crash when using a macro the adobe libraries are not installed on your system (use the sheet without export option).
21.07.01: Fixed a bug that could remove multiple monsters from initiative list (all sheets), simple version of combat manager for 5th edition (you can select the version to launch when starting combat), ordered character list from initiative when rolled in 5th edition combat manager, Added keyboard shortcuts for useful functions (open the “About” tab to see a list of shortcuts).
Very long time without updates!

21.06.26: DD5 sheet improvements only! Option to add/edit spells from the database (DD5), Quick DM notes from “Campaign View” menu are now saved with the party rather than the selected campaign, Improved random tables entries for map generator (as always tables en entries can be added annually by following the pattern in the sheet “MapGen data”, for hexmap just add/edit the existing colums, for dungeon maps to add a theme just copy insert the column from “Theme-default” to “Doors-default” and change “Default” to the name of your choice, existing column will be automatically added when loading the map generator).

Warning depending on your computer map may take between 2s and 15s to generate (dungeons are faster than hexmaps)
Below some sample outputs. Dungeon tables are still lacking for descriptions but are easily customizable to fit your needs.


Minor bugfixes, Various minor improvements, New random generator in DD5 sheet (WIP, accessible from dice roller menu, database was NOT fully edited, parameters still need to be edited to get a fully working generator) allowing to roll for random shops inventory, treasures and encounters from data picked directly in the database, Removed most of unused parameters from DD5 data editor and added new options for random generation (encounter by terrain, treasure & shops by rarity and type), Improved output for dice roller (now show individual dices results as well as total), DD4 power editor and character viewer now also parse from compendium files (still very WIP).
Added the ability to add numbered sub-sections to each chapter of your campaign. This way you can enter room descriptions for each number and attach a numbered map to the chapter for fast reference during play. There’s no limit to the number of sub-sections you can add (in fact there is but no-one should ever hit that limit: a campaign has about 1000000 slots available for excel 2013 and higher, campaign data takes 13 slots and each chapter takes 9 slots plus 1 slot for each added sub-section. The only reachable limit is the size of the text for each description/slot being about 32000 characters and 250 line feed but it should be more than enough for single room/section!)

An example below from the sunless citadel displaying description for room 5 in this screenshot
My bad!! A typo was causing a crash when the option "no damage" was selected for a saving throw effect. Added an option to make an exact copy of an existing creature in the Character manager menu (only when editing from a database).