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Zio's ChimeraTool for campaign management 20.08.12

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Improvement in random generator speed and formulas (new options to roll from other tables, new format is [R:number:eek:ptions]Tablename to roll on a table or just [number:eek:ptions] to roll dices and return a value. Number represents a number or a dice roll (in the form XdY+Z or X@Y). Available options are h (hide formula and table name), p, u or l (proper, upper or lower case formatted result). Implemented a name generator using Markov algorithm (possibility to add you own lists as always, sample lists taken with permission from Wolph42’s generator in MapTools!). Spell slot tracking in DD5 sheet, spell filtering in spellbook editor, option to quickly add multiple creatures at once from encounter editor, option to randomize spellbook of creatures from encounter editor in DD5 (beta), other minor improvements and corrections I’ve lost track of!

Still a mess and in need of a cleanup but anyway a useful piece of sheet ;)
Hi if some of you have taken a look at this, there's some random generator in there that allows to parse tables to output random results.
I'm seeking help to improve the tables (base generation algorithm is ok) with data (for now some tables are not populated at all ^^ )
If any of you have abundant imagination I'm all ears! We can talk in MP if needed, thanks!
Mainly seeking to improve the hexgen data from DD5 sheet (will be ported later to others it's just a generator after all)
Corrected some very minor bugs, ability to sort tables alphabetically in data editor (DD4 only for now), very little improvement in DD5 combat manager, most userform that don’t edit data are now useable in a non-modal form allowing to have multiple screens open (random generator, campaign view, dice roller, etc…), started working on a random hex generator (data still to add!), added more data to random solo generator (you can add your own data just look how tables are done!)
DD4 sheet now allows to import creatures exported to html format directly from Masterplan (in data editor). Powers from imported creatures are now parsed directly for attack/defense and damage.

DD5 sheet now includes a very basic random character generator based on @Emirikol sheet (with his permission of course!!!) data still need to be added and results for now are far from his own creation but it will allow to quicly add NPC to the database (you can still edit them later). After all my sheet is NOT a character generator but a campaign management tool ;)

I will probably post a video tutorial in the following weeks if time permits!

Edit: Always open to suggestions for improvement of course!
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Added saving throw and skill checks buttons for D&D5 sheet, Corrected some creature spellbooks (again), New pdf manual update.
Updated manual pdf, and minor corrections for now (not much time available)
A bit of update with campaign manager (now with tabs), wip combat manager for 5th edition version, misc tweaks here and there...
Corrected some missing informations from imported compendium in database, corrections of some bugs, sheets are still WIP but should be useable for tracking hp and initiative during battle as well as campaign data! Automatic battle formulas as well as level up don't work for now, do not use them ;) instead edit your entries with the various editors!
This is an updated version with work started on 5th edition. Use the readme included for more informations. This is a WIP ;)
Some more bugfixes (had the chance to work on the tool from other computers so notified that some function were not always working correctly!) and other utilities...