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Zio's ChimeraTool for campaign management

Zio's ChimeraTool for campaign management 21.02.15

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Added the ability to add numbered sub-sections to each chapter of your campaign. This way you can enter room descriptions for each number and attach a numbered map to the chapter for fast reference during play. There’s no limit to the number of sub-sections you can add (in fact there is but no-one should ever hit that limit: a campaign has about 1000000 slots available for excel 2013 and higher, campaign data takes 13 slots and each chapter takes 9 slots plus 1 slot for each added sub-section. The only reachable limit is the size of the text for each description/slot being about 32000 characters and 250 line feed but it should be more than enough for single room/section!)

An example below from the sunless citadel displaying description for room 5 in this screenshot
My bad!! A typo was causing a crash when the option "no damage" was selected for a saving throw effect. Added an option to make an exact copy of an existing creature in the Character manager menu (only when editing from a database).
Quick update. Corrected bugs and optimized “mass battle” formula (DD5), added a button to quickly add/remove hp from a target in combat manager (DD4/DD5) allowing faster handling of manual combat.
Very minor update, only for DD5 sheet. Allows to "simulate" mass battle between units from 1 to 100 (warning this is a first try) by checking a checkbox in combat manager. Accounts for area of effects with a little fudge... Otherwise the sheet works as before if this box is unchecked ;)
Minor bug corrections (manual defensive bonus was not added)
Almost no code update in this one, except the spellbook available in DD3 sheet (taken directly from the DD5 sheet so spells were not updated but at least now it's possible to add a list of spells and slots available to track, some further edits are still needed to make this fully functionnal).
Just a small data update in DD5 sheet, now the treasure tables from DMG are available from the random generator (first dropdown list!)
Update posted, map generator is still beta but functionnal if you take a bit of time to add to the tables.

You may also create you own tables for the dungeon generator (copy and insert/paste the columns you want to edit and rename the "Default" part with your own name, or just edit the default table as is).
For the hexmap you may only edit existing tables (just add/change the data it will be automatically used).

Some bug corrections are included too ;)

As always if you need help with using the tool or if you want to help, feel free to ask!
Currently working on a map generator for the sheet, allowing to create/edit tables for you to fill your rooms/hexes.
Algorithm still need some work (dungeon generator is based from jamis buck's work, wilderness generator is a custom one)
For now, still need to generate doors (or at least their description in the room cell comment) and more varied room shapes (room can be a bit randomized to not be always rectangle)

Hexmaps need a bit more options and tables to feed with data (but that can be edited after release, you can put in your own lists of data if you want!)



At least I've done a small video!!

It's a rough draft and with subtitles as I don' t have access to a microphone (and english is not my mother tongue :p )

If some are curious it's a bit under 22 minutes and goes through the different menus of the sheet

New format for table random generation use [R:number:tablename:eek:ptions], now allowing spaces in tablenames, house rule allowing for half save proficiency in DD5 sheet (use a triple state checkbox now), slight improvement in DD4 power parser in combat manager (always from a masterplan statblock!), correction to randomize spellbook function in DD5, ability to edit resistances/reduction in DD5, other minor improvements lost in my mind....
Improvement in random generator speed and formulas (new options to roll from other tables, new format is [R:number:eek:ptions]Tablename to roll on a table or just [number:eek:ptions] to roll dices and return a value. Number represents a number or a dice roll (in the form XdY+Z or X@Y). Available options are h (hide formula and table name), p, u or l (proper, upper or lower case formatted result). Implemented a name generator using Markov algorithm (possibility to add you own lists as always, sample lists taken with permission from Wolph42’s generator in MapTools!). Spell slot tracking in DD5 sheet, spell filtering in spellbook editor, option to quickly add multiple creatures at once from encounter editor, option to randomize spellbook of creatures from encounter editor in DD5 (beta), other minor improvements and corrections I’ve lost track of!

Still a mess and in need of a cleanup but anyway a useful piece of sheet ;)