D&D Movie/TV ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Live-Action Series Not Going Forward At Paramount+, Will Be Revamped & Shopped By Hasbro


As per Deadline the 8 episode TV series that Paramount Plus had given a direct to series order to about a year and a half years ago from Rawson Marshall Thurber will no longer be moving forward at Paramount Plus:

Paramount+ has opted not to proceed with its live-action series based on Hasbro’s wildly popular Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game franchise.

The move comes almost a year and a half after the Paramount streamer in January 2023 gave the project an eight-episode, straight-to-series order. At the time, it was a co-production between Hasbro-owned eOne, which had developed the series, and Paramount Pictures.

Now shepherded by Hasbro’s in-house division Hasbro Entertainment following eOne’s December 2023 sale to Lionsgate, the project will undergo a creative update before being taken out to other potential buyers, both production partners and platforms, sources said.

The changes will include a new creative team. The version, which sold to Paramount+, was from creator Rawson Marshall Thurber, who wrote the pilot script and was set to direct the first episode. He was subsequently joined by Drew Crevello, who came on board in April 2023 as executive producer and showrunner.

Hasbro will attempt to shop it around but there's no guarantee that anyone will pick it up, especially after the movie didn't light the box office on fire.

This is a separate show from the Dragonlance show that was in development, which was cancelled.
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A D&D show/movie needs to be like Neverending Story. Where it switches back and forth between players and their characters. Otherwise it’s just people with swords and fake accents.*

*just one man’s opinion. I do not have sources and I don’t hate 4e.

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