D&D Movie/TV ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Live-Action Series Not Going Forward At Paramount+, Will Be Revamped & Shopped By Hasbro

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pretty sure too, these salaries do not appear to be sustainable with the current box office trends...

They might gave to start taking a % cut of the gross and a smaller up front payment.

He highlights ticket prices. Throw in pRking etc it's really expensive. He can get a steak dinner and drinks vs movie tickets.

Here it's around $10 usd for the ticket. Parking free, 5-10 minute drive and extra $6 or so for a combo.
$20 usd woukd get you the ticket, popcorn, ice cream and a beer or coffee.

$10 usd will get you a burger and fries meal and they have a fold out tray/table.

So similar In price to a large McDonald's combo.

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