D&D Movie/TV ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Live-Action Series Not Going Forward At Paramount+, Will Be Revamped & Shopped By Hasbro

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I don't think Paramount Plus will survive, and I should be cancelling my subscription soon now that Star Trek: Discovery is over, and renewing it whenever Star Trek: Lower Decks comes back before cancelling again.

The one streaming service I won't cancel is Netflix because it's the most ubiquitous one.

Netflix is our forever streamer similar reason. Also bundled with ISP.

Amazon and Disney might become floaters. See how the Acolyte is and Amazon recently have us new season of Clarksons Farm and Fallout with new season of The Boys around the corner. It's also cheap and movie back catalog.


but not by a factor of 5, and that would hit my reduced numbers, otherwise it is a factor of 12 vs Mad Max…

Yeah that’s true.
I haven’t seen the new Mad Max but based on Fury Road I’m guessing there’s a major difference in scope for the action/SFX scenes compared to Minus One. Fury Road had a ton of action scenes which cost a lot of money especially since some of it was done practically while Minus One had only a couple of Godzilla scenes (not to say that was a bad thing as Minus One was one of my favorite movies last year). I’m sure some of the stars of Mad Max got paid more than the entire Minus One budget.

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