“Forests” Patreon Map Icon Previews


As we get near the end of another month, here the 1st & 2nd previews (two more previews coming!) of the monthly Patreon (sort of an opt-in subscription) map icons by Inkwell Ideas. Each month our supporters pick a theme, then we make over 100 icons for that theme. We post the actual icons to backers on the last day of the month. Patrons also support our updates and new features added to Worldographer.

This month’s theme is “Forests”. The classic world/kingdom icons preview shows a large forest fire that decimated a region, and the loggers cut down some additional forest to prevent it from spreading further. In addition to that we’ve got icons for prehistoric forest areas, meadows, druid areas, and more.

The isometric preview started with the prior classic style map and switched it to our isometric style but changed it up a little because the new isometric icons don’t have burned forest hills & mountains (to make room for the “Full Fill” forest icons artist/cartographer Keith Curtis felt were more important).

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