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ZEITGEIST 1001 things PCs are totally allowed to do in Zeitgeist campaign


95. Provoking Voice of Rot into promising "to catch you and show what Death can do with you" and then escaping. There will be a song about this.

Party arrived to Black Needles to rescue their member (they collectively decided that freeing the titan for a rampage is a bad idea), spoke a bit about the death of the world and personal growth and then bolted away using Wild Hunt and a bunch of teleport abilities (never grabbing the sword or actually attacking the titan). I'm currently deliberating whether the phrase above can count as a fey obligation of the titan to himself and how VoR would proceed. Strictly by RAW, he's unable to Remove Affliction himself, even with nat20 the ritual literally kills him instantly with -38 penalty from affliction level (if we forget for a second that "the fey can release you from the obligation"...).

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