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ZEITGEIST 1001 things PCs are totally allowed to do in Zeitgeist campaign

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85: in adventure 5 at the peace banquet, declaring that the Danoran delegation would be introducing a formerly hidden research society and include Risur. Poker faces all around but both the king and Danor's delegation were staring daggers at the PC that announced this in their opening toast

This happened after Lya tried to convince the party the Obscurati were just a loosely based group of researchers trying to improve the world. Man did that backfire


86: try to get into a drakran private prison by pretending to be the owner, while the owner was inside

They turned this around by convincing the owner they were salesman, convincing him they found a cheaper metal to block teleportation, and setting up a million gold deal with a sizable down payment. This deal was later given to the Family to rid Damata Griento of his debts, high fives all around...


formerly roadtoad
89 Fail to stop the arsonist brothers from burning down an entire city block.

90 When the dockers stage a huge uprising in Bosum Strand to protest the RHC, convince Rock Rackus to turn it into a free concert by giving him an illusory license to use the space where the riot is happening as a concert venue for as long as he performs, unwittingly inventing the weekend music festival when Rock reads the fine print and realizes if he just goes for 72 hours straight, the cops won't kick him out.


Not wanting to spoil the most WTF-ery inducing events from our campaign, but:

91 Bring a goddess into your living room and ask her to please not wet the furniture as it they are ancient and most valuable

92 Have a chat with the Voice of Rot about your hypothetical living room

93 Without knowing that the actual Gradiax is still around, use an illusion of said dragon to stop an army of gnolls, then use the same illusion to strike fear into your opposing railway-construction team.

94 Making sure that no one can ever recreate the Ritual of Apotheosis by destroying all known remaining dragon innards, thus effectively stopping the God Trials for an extended period of time

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