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13th Age 13th Age Homebrew Bestiary


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I am always on the lookout for new monsters and approaches to monster design. And 13th Age monster design is plain fun. Monsters in 13th Age can really be as basic as stats and a single attack, or as flavorful as "Shlup’n’schlorp" or "Feed the Cubs".

Here's two monsters that I've got planned for random encounters. I've given them the added 'boss' keyword and tried to design powers around making them a little closer to 4e elites or even solos.

Catoblepas Calf
Large 4th level boss wrecker [beast]
Initiative: +8
[Engaged] Blunted Bite +9 vs. AC—14 damage, and until the end of its next turn, the target is hampered (makes only basic attacks) while engaged.
[Near] Macetail +9 vs. AC6 damageLimited Targets: The calf may use this attack as a quick action, but only on a nearby enemy.
Vicious Stench: Engaged enemies are Vulnerable (crit on 18+) to catoblepas attacks.
Lesser Death Gaze: While lacking the potency of a matured specimen, on a critical hit the catoblepas calf’s gaze can weaken (-4 attacks and defenses) until the end of its next turn.
Stinking Hunter: The horrid smell of the catoblepas always alerts prey before its arrival.
AC 19PD 17 HP 70MD 13

Calemuadan, Apprentice Druid
3rd level boss troop [humanoid]
Initiative: +5

[Engaged] Gnomish Rockhammer +8 vs. AC— 9 damage

[Near] Stony Tendrils +8 vs. PD— 6 damage and the target is ‘stuck’ (11+ save ends)

Unmastered Wildshape: At the end of every turn, Calemuadan gains a random benefit from his uncontrollable wildshape. Roll 1d8...
1. Graceful as a Dormouse: May move as a quick action on next turn.
2. Porcupine’s Coat. Deal 6 miss damage until next turn, and 3 whenever hit in melee.
3. Skunk’s Ardor. Horrid, obscuring fog granting +2 to all defenses until next turn. This bonus is not cumulative with itself or other bonuses.
4. Weasel’s Gift: Pops free and flees, leaving the battle.
5. Lizard’s Longevity: Calemuadan heals to full.
6. Thirst of the Bat: Hits deal ongoing 5 bleeding damage (11+ save ends)
7. Armor of the Ardvark: +6 to AC and PD until next turn
8. Cunning of the Fox: +6 MD until next turn
When staggered, roll twice at the end of every turn and apply both benefits.

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