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2 keyword names help requested


Good day,

I'm looking for help regarding naming 2 conditions that I find highly enjoyable (to impose on my players :devil:). They are fairly simple to implement in play but I find them very hard to word succinctly.

Since they will be part of monsters I create or modify in a builder, having a keyword for them would be a great boon to me.

1st condition : Creatures that are further than x squares have concealment.
Ideas - "dust in the eyes", dazzled, squinting, eye burn, myopic...

2nd condition : You treat all squares further than x squares as lightly obscured and all squares further than 2x squares as completely obscured.
Ideas - night-blighted, pecked-out, dimmed, dark-lighted, isolated...

As you can plainly see, I am very bad at naming things...

Thank you for any assistance.

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First Post
In Monster Manuel 1, there is a particular Level 7 Controller known as the Shadar-Kai Witch. She has a recharging power known as Beshadowed Mind, which causes the target to have no line of sight to anything more than 2 squares from it.

To be honest, I didn't really know what the difference between Obsured and Concealment was, so I looked it up.

I would +1XP, but I don't know how or what it is used for.

6. What is Concealment?
Partial Concealment (-2 attack): dim light, light fog/foliage, heavy rain/snow, OR in heavy smoke/fog/foliage/dim light and adjacent
Total Concealment (-5 attack): in heavy smoke/fog/foliage/dim light, complete darkness, or invisible
Obscurement is a property of terrain, which grants creatures concealment. There are 3 types (light, heavy, and total) that grant different amounts of concealment (partial or total) depending on how far away the attacker is.
1st Condition would lightly cloak creatures further than X. This would have to be a good name for high X and low X. This also seemed to be the Dazed to condition 2's Stunned. The second condition has the first condition with the same X, but at 2X things basically turn invisible/allsmudgedtogether. And these are less severe than simple Blinding.

1st Condition Ideas: Misted, Shrouded Mind/Sight, Singed Eyes
2nd Condition Ideas: Fogged, Cloaked Mind/Sight, Burned Eyes

Since they obviously work well together, I took opportunity to pair up my suggestions based on what kind of concealment/obscurment you desire.


.Thank you for your input !

The shadar'kai witch power is indeed the principal source of this mechanic. But I very much like the idea of blurry sight from sand, "fog-curses", etc. and I prefer "gradual" effects and mechanics.

Misted and Fogged sound pretty good actually - I'll give them a go.

Thank you again, and have a great one !

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