[2000AD] Psidept Origin


I've been running a perp campaign since November; one of my players has a mutant with a psychic mutation. We have discovered that civ/perp psionic users are woefully anemic. I've run some judge one shots with the same group and the psi-judge absolutely crushes the psyker by comparison. The additional training that judges go through does account for a good deal of this, and we understand and accept this fact. But there is nothing for those psi able individuals to pass judge exams late as happens in the progs and is alluded to in the rulebook. So to add a little oomph to our psikers I came up with this origin.

Any and all constructive criticism is accepted. Ask any questions if I haven't been clear.

Psidept [2d6+6 years]
» Prerequisites: none
» Attributes: INT +1, WIL +1, LUC +1, PSI +1
» Skill choices: [combat], concentration,
meditation, [psionic]

Blood For Power: You may exchange HEALTH for boosting, you can do this a number of times per day equal to your endurance dice pool
Concentration: You may make a concentration check to maintain a psionic power instead of spending PP. The difficulty is equal to the PP originally spent to activate the power. Each round you attempt to maintain concentration after the first you get -1d6 to your die pool for the check.
Focus: You gain three skill points in any one [psionic].


Well, that was fun
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We've got lots of awesome stuff for mutants in Cursed Earth, upcoming! The psyker would take the Mutant race with the psionic mutation.

This is a cool origin, though! It's very focused just around getting extra (or saving) PP though.


When I first put it together I was looking at all other origins and trying to see what balanced them, while also looking at what we thought was an issue with the psyker class (lack of defenses/offenses and point bleed). I think my final thought was if I could recycle points in a fair way the psyker could keep up defenses longer, or glass cannon out some big psyblasts to finish off opponents. It would also mean that my psyker could actually do two combats per session without being useless.

The psidept origin for me is kinda like a young psi-enabled person finds their Kwai Chang Caine and learns a little bit of control(formal sorcerer vs Psi-Judge Wizard). I'll look at the origin again and see what I could possibly change to balance it more. Unfortunately my PC only got to use the origin in one session before the character met the wrong end of some Block War justice.


Do Origins in 2000AD generally have more than one exploit? I don't have the book yet so if that's the case I'm a bit more interested in seeing it.