2010----In Remembrance.


Frances Buss, one of the first woman directors in television, died January 19. She was 92.

Buss started directing for CBS in 1941. She directed basball games, a cooking show, Vanity Fair, which was the first daily TV talk show, Sorry Wrong Number, and the talk show Mike and Buff, CBS' first show in color.

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HAL 9000 was destroyed aboard the USSC Discovery One (XD-1) as Jupiter collapsed in upon itself creating our solar system's second sun. He was 18.

Wait... What?


Louis Auchincloss, a prolific writer whose novels explored Manhattan high society and the influential Eastern Establishment, died Tuesday. He was 92.

Auchincloss was a four-time nominee for the National Book Award.


Lee Archer, the only known black ace pilot, died Wednesday. He was 90.

Archer was a member of the Tuskegee Airmen and became vice-president of General Foods (when there were few black corporate executives).

Margret Irene Farrell

Mother to three loving children including an aspiring comicbook artist and roleplayer. She was 73.

Place in history..... possibly Vermont's first H1N1 death. Died 1/29/10

(looked it up.... Vermont's third case [not yet confirmed])

Love you mom.
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